Who Is Billy Porter's Husband, Adam Smith?

Who Is Billy Porter's Husband, Adam Smith?

Billy Porter's been making headlines lately with his fierce red carpet looks. Porter has certainly built a name for himself as a distinguished figure in American theater, but he still has time for romance. The story of how he and his husband, Adam Smith, became a couple is nothing short of storybook. Every romance has its up-and-downs, and not everybody can have a happy ending. However, Porter and Smith have turned their challenges into the building blocks of their long-term relationship, prompting people to ask: Who is Billy Porter's husband? Everything we know about Adam Smith and the couple's love story.

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1. Who is Billy Porter's husband, Adam Smith? They met and got involved in New York City.

After Porter and Smith met in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan, the two quickly got together. Smith had just moved from Los Angeles to New York, where he co-owns an eyewear brand. Unfortunately, their 2009 meeting through a mutual friend only led to a short-lived relationship. They broke up in 2010 because their relationship was allegedly too casual. In an interview, Smith explained that the attempt at a relationship “kind of imploded”.  

2. But they still spoke after breaking up.

Although they broke up, Porter and Smith remained in one another’s lives. After ending things, Porter claims that he’d told his therapist, “Now I know what love looks like, and it just walked out the door.” In 2015, however, they got a second chance at love. After years of friendship, their romance rekindled.

3. Smith made the move to get back together.

On Smith’s birthday in NYC, he and Porter went to see a Broadway show. After seeing Hamilton,  a moment of tenderness passed between them. While Porter was driving them to dinner, Smith reached over to him and professed his love. Porter says that now-husband had requested another shot at being together. Porter did not hesitate before saying yes.

4. Porter was the one who proposed.

After another two-year dating period, they got married in January of 2017. Porter was the one who popped the question in London while the two were out with another couple who they're friends with. The timing ended up being off, but Smith said yes anyway!

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5. Porter and Smith wanted to get married before Obama left office.

They’d actually planned their wedding date in tandem with the presidential cycle. Because former President Barack Obama was a proponent for the rights of LGBTQ people, Porter and Smith wanted to get married under his administration. They got just that, marrying just four days prior to President Donald Trump was inaugurated. They were married in Manhattan only two weeks after Porter proposed.  

6. Today, they remain #couplegoals!

Now, three years of married life later, the couple is as devoted to one another as ever. For Porter’s 50th birthday, Smith even threw him a star-studded birthday party. And for every award show that Porter arrives at with his killer genderfluid style, Smith is by his side.

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