10 Best Quotes About Obama's Support Of Gay Marriage

See what the Internet had to say about yesterday's historic announcement by President Obama.


We scoured YourTango's Facebook page comments, as well as wall posts from some of our personal accounts, to see what people had to say about yesterday's announcement by President Barack Obama in support of gay marriage. It turns out our readers and people we went to college with are an opinionated bunch — we'd even invite some of them to brunch. Please ignore the fact that that rhymes.

1. "I could never be a politician. But as uncomfortable as I would be doing so, I have no problem with Obama's long-planned 'change of heart.' This dude's made huge, measurable strides for gay rights, and if being coy about his plans for gay marriage for a few years was needed to get him elected, then so be it. LGBT persons will be better off, and federal same-sex marriage recognition will come sooner because of it." 


2. "Last time I checked, Congress was created to uphold the values of the Constitution, not the Bible and its biased teachings. 'All men (including women) are created equal' and are afforded unalienable rights. Way to go, Mr. President! Stand up for what you believe and for the people of this country."

3. "I think it's about time! Who cares whether he is looking for votes or not! At least your country is moving forward with the times!" (from a U.K. woman)

4. "It's a campaign strategy. He's all about getting the votes. I support gay marriage too, but Obama only does things to stir the pot and get the votes in. Later on I bet you a shinny penny he is going to bring up immigration reform to cater to the Latino population and get his votes. He should [have] backed gay marriage a long time ago, not just now to get votes. He is fake, just like the rest of the politicos in this country."


5. "Who cares if it's a campaign strategy, and who are other people to say it's ridiculous? I'm not gay, but I strongly support gay marriage. What if someone told you you couldn't marry the one you love? I think it's about time! Let people who love each other that are the same sex get married. They deserve the right to be happy also." 

6. "It's infuriating that Republicans are trying to paint Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage as a 'distraction' from the real issues of the day. 1. Hello? Remember Bush and his push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that turned up every election cycle? 2. Fundamental human rights are in no way a 'distraction.' This is just as important as the economy to me (not to mention, totally interrelated)."

7. "A little reminder to those who don't back Obama and gay marriage. It's probably 'cause you're gay." 


. "Society needs a strong family for stability; kids needs the model of parents of different genders interacting. Obama is wrong on this like he has been on reduction of freedom, growth of government and strangling our economy. Another good reason not to vote for him."

9. "For someone who claims to be a Christian, his values sure don't show it! A true Christian would know better!"

10. "Holy lord Americans are weird." (from a Canadian woman)


What are your thoughts about the legality of gay marriage?