Common Pet Peeves That Make A Gemini Lose Interest In You

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Common Pet Peeves That Make A Gemini Lose Interest In You

Oh, breakups. Ending a relationship is one of the hardest situations to bounce back from. When you sense a Gemini zodiac sign has a list of common pet peeves about your relationship (and might be losing interest), it hurts.

When a Gemini zodiac sign is losing interest in you and they won't tell you why it's even harder.

Whether you’re the one walking out of their life or being walked out on, we can all agree that breakups suck.


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Even when the relationship is no longer satisfying, it hurts to end on bad terms, unless you’re a heartless, soulless spirit roaming the earth.


For Gemini zodiac signs, too many pet peeves are a deal-breaker, and now you're a problem, too.

Not only do they have to figure out how to break up with you, but they also need to figure out a way to consider your feelings during the process.

It can either be a breeze or brutal, and this becomes a common pet peeve to a Gemini, who is losing interest in you, and the relationship overall.

A Gemini knows that some people prefer to receive a text message or phone call when they’re being dumped; this can avoid the tear fest in person.

And a Gemini may also consider that some prefer the awkward one on one meetup to express their anger or agreeance.

One thing is for sure, a Gemini will not hesitate to walk out of your life if they’re feeling unweary about their relationship.


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Once you've no longer evolved to their higher level, you will be nothing more than after-thought.

A Gemini will know exactly how to leave someone, depending on the person and their personality.

If one thing is for sure, it is you will never know which face you'll be speaking with during their moment of truth.

No matter how long they’ve been with you, or what you’ve been through, there is no stopping the twins when they’re not feeling it anymore.

Here are 5 common pet peeves that make a Gemini lose interest in you.

Gemini zodiac sign common pet peeve 1: The relationship is boring

Be adventurous or get lost.


Consider yourself to be lucky enough to date a Gemini. Because they are constantly dipping their toes in multiple oceans, it is quite rare they might settle for the rivers and lakes.

You have to be on their level of adventure and spontaneity to attract and keep their attention.

However, if you begin to settle in and get too comfortable in this relationship, the Gemini will grow bored and want something (and someone) new to excite.

If you don't want this to end, be sure to keep new ideas and adventures flowing throughout the entirety of this relationship.

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Gemini zodiac sign common pet peeve 2: Your relationship has communication problems

Yeah, you're listening, but do you hear me?

Being the twin zodiac means you will come across a multitude of attitudes and personalities when in a relationship with a Gemini. With multiple personalities comes multiple voices, opinions, and thoughts that demand to be heard.

The minute a Gemini feels like they’re not being heard, run for the hills. There will be constant chaos in your relationship if you can’t keep up with all that is being said.

They will abandon ship once they are tired of the same old arguments, especially if you’re not listening!

Gemini zodiac sign common pet peeve 3: There are control issues in your relationship

No insecure Joe's on this side!


Gemini’s are considered social butterflies for good reason.

They are experts at adapting to their environments and know how to spark conversation with anyone who is willing to listen!

However, Gemini’s are also flirtatious without realizing; this is because of their charming personalities and quick wit.

If their partner is insecure and begins to show it, all hope is lost.

They do not like feeling as though they can’t converse with people without their partner side-eyeing them.

Do not even think about bringing this up neither because the volcano will erupt.

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Gemini zodiac sign common pet peeve 4: The humor is gone

Why so serious?

Try not to take life so seriously! Gemini’s are children at heart and love to act the way they feel.

They are very expressive people and if that means they want to go to a park and play on the swings, they’re going to do it unapologetically.


If you’re sitting around with a serious face all day and don’t know how to live a little, you might need to learn how to live without your Gemini.

They will let it be known that not only are you boring, but you need to stop living life like a stickler.

Gemini zodiac sign common pet peeve 5: The relationship lacks options

Nothing personal, darlin'.

This might come as a surprise to no one, but Gemini’s have short attention spans. Their minds are on the go 24/7 (more like 25/8) and will stop at no thought unless it sparks joy.

That being said, a Gemini is on the go and with every step they take, their wandering eyes might want to walk through the candy store.


Things might seem like they’re going great in your relationship but at any given moment, they might see someone who they want to pursue and leave now while it’s fresh and easier to let go of.

Sorry not sorry, but that’s just the way it is, beloved.

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