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Strange New Details About Rihanna's Boyfriend And Their Secret Relationship, Including That She's Moving To Paris For Him

Photo: Getty / Abdul Latif Jameel
who is hassan jameel

Who is Hassan Jameel? Rihanna's boyfriend and the iconic singer have been heating up their romance — albeit secretly. The hush-hush couple very rarely ever talks about each other in the press and they're rarely snapped together in photos. Not even the paparazzi has caught them, which isn't much of a surprise since Hassan Jameel doesn't really have anything to do with the entertainment industry.

So who is Rihanna's boyfirend? Jameel has previously dated other women in Hollywood — most notably supermodel Naomi Campbell back in 2016. Rihanna and Campbell have had their own history but it's been more beef than love. They very publicly unfollowed each other last year on Instagram. Yikes.

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But recently the supermodel has claimed that there are no hard feelings or bad blood between she and Rihanna.

Some more details we know about Jameel so far.

1. Jameel is a millionaire businessman.

He serves as the deputy president and vice chairman of family-owned Abdul Latif Jameel, a multinational business that works in training, job creation, and businesses aimed at helping communities transform themselves. One of its aims is poverty reduction and using technology to increase food and water security. The company also owns the exclusive rights to Toyota in Saudi Arabia. His family is so well-off they even own their own soccer team. Score, Rihanna!

2. This new relationship is a step in the right direction for RiRi.

She hasn't had the best luck with relationships in the past. The horribly abusive ending to her relationship with Chris Brown was made very public and she ended things with rapper Drake after collaborating on a few songs together.

3. She seems to have found a healthy relationship with Jameel.

"[It's] the real deal," a source said. "Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten [...] They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They’re really enjoying each others’ company."

4. The pair travel extensively together.

They were in Spain in June, London in September and Boston in October. They were also spotted at the Grammys this year showing PDA at their table while hanging out with Diddy and his girlfriend, Cassie. "Rihanna and Hassan showed affection throughout the evening," a source told E! News. "It was cool because he can roll with Rihanna, he fits in great." 

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5. Rihanna is moving to Paris to be with him.

Rihanna's been looking at high-end homes in Paris in hopes to be closer to her Saudi businessman boo. She's also working on designs with Puma, which is headquartered in Germany, so a move to Europe might be a stealth business move, too. But love is probably the main factor here when it comes to Riri's decision making — Hassam is apparently not a huge fan of the Hollywood scene.

“Hassan hates LA, so Rihanna has been traveling to Europe constantly to see him,” a source tells OK! Magazine, adding that Rihanna has really taken to the “low-key way of life” in France. “They could have a relatively normal existence there without harassment from fans and paparazzi,”

6. This is not the first time reports of Rihanna moving internationally have come up.

Back in January, tabloids reported that Rihanna was moving to the City of Love but reports turned out to be false. So far, Rihanna hasn't commented on the Paris claim so at this point, it's just speculation. (Maybe they enjoy being a long-distance couple? Some people like more space than others.)

In fact, the couple still hasn't confirmed their relationship. Only time will tell how serious this coupling will get, but we're wishing Riri and Hassan the best of luck in love!

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