Meet Pam Bryant — Kobe Bryant's Mother Who Recently Stepped Out For The First Time Since His Death

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Who Is Kobe Bryant's Mom? New Details On Pam Bryant Who Recently Stepped Out For The First Time Since His Death
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A week after Kobe Bryant's unexpected and tragic death, his mom is going out in public for the first time. 

Fans may have known about how much Bryant's wife, Vanessa, and their children (including 13-year-old Gianna, who was also killed in the horrifying helicopter crash that took her father's life), but what about his own parents? 

Who is Kobe Bryant's mom? Here's what you need to know about Pam Bryant, the woman who raised the late NBA legend.

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1. She was spotted for the first time on January 31. 

On Friday morning, Pam was seen leaving the gated community where her Las Vegas home is located in order to run errands at Target, where she was later photographed by paparazzi. This appeared to be the first time she left her house since the news of Bryant's passing broke on January 26.

Later, she was seen at a beauty salon, where she stayed for a few hours.

2. Reportedly, Pam and her husband, Joe, are "devastated" at the loss of their son and granddaughter.

As a neighbor of Bryant's mother said when she was spotted, she and her husband are truly struggling with the loss of both Bryant and his daughter.

"They are just devastated, as you can imagine," said the source. "It's a private, awful moment, losing their son and granddaughter, it's just horrific... their lives were turned upside down. They just need their peace, it's been nonstop. It's a sensitive time, I can't even imagine what they're going through. They are lovely, kind, decent people."

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3. But who is Kobe Bryant's mom? She's a very private woman.

It's hard to find any details out about Bryant's mother — she's mantained a very private life and doesn't seem to be on social media in any public capacity.


What we do know about her is that she's been married to professional basketball player Joe Bryant since 1975, and including Bryant, they have three children, including daughters Sharia and Shaya.

4. Last week, she refused to talk to press about Bryant's accident.

When people from Pam's community came to her home bearing food and flowers, she shared that she wasn't ready to talk quite yet. "Not right now," was her response when asked if she had anything she'd like to say.

Given that her loss is so big — and still so fresh — this makes a lot of sense, as it's hard to imagine what she and her family are going through right now.

5. She and Bryant had a complicated relationship. 

There has been a rift between Bryant and his parents, especially after their public fight in 2013.

After she attempted to auction off memorabilia that she claimed Bryant had given her from his high school and professional basketball career, they ended up bringing their dispute to court. Later, he settled with the auction house for an undisclosed amount, and the auction went on as planned.

6. Pam has yet to speak out about her son's death publicly. 

However, someone who spoke to press outside of Pam's daughter Sharia's house said that they were "obviously heartbroken," though they wouldn't be speaking out at the time — and so far, it doesn't seem like anything has changed since.

"Right now they have nothing to say but they are obviously heartbroken," the source said. "There will not be any comments from the family right away. At some point, the family will be reaching out but right now we are all in shock. Right now they're just trying to be a family."

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