7 Pieces Of Relationship Advice To Make Sure Your Lesbian Love Lasts

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7 Pieces Of Relationship Advice To Make Sure Your Lesbian Love Lasts

Do you think you are in a healthy relationship with your girlfriend or wife? Lesbian relationships are just like any other relationship — they can be full of love, affection, great sex, and companionship. They also have problems just like everyone else.

Whether it’s jealousy or moving too fast, several factors come into play when in a lesbian relationship that could cause it to end.

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When those factors and others seem to be a piece of cake to handle, like all people, lesbian couples can thrive. Once your relationship gets past the rocky times, it will blossom like a daisy on a sunny spring afternoon.

As lesbians, we have chemistry and an understanding of each other’s mind and body that other people wouldn’t understand unless they experience it. As a gay woman myself, I know that maintaining a healthy relationship along with trying to manage life as a whole can be tough — this applies to any type of love, for that matter.

Emotions are the founding father of lesbian love, and if you don’t get them under control fast then the foundation of your relationship can be at risk.

The goal is to make sure you and your partner are in a relationship where it can grow and spread into everlasting love. To do that you should take a look and see if these things are happening in your lesbian relationship.

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Here are 7 things to remember if you're in a lesbian relationship and want to make sure it lasts:

1. Control your emotions.

As women in lesbian relationships, we wear our emotions on our entire being. Due to the extreme intimacy within a woman/woman relationship, we have a chemistry that creates emotions so strong that it can become overwhelming. If you are not in control of them then all types of issues can come in and create problems such as jealousy, control issues and not enough space for individuality.

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2. Eliminate jealousy.

Why do people become jealous in relationships? Mostly, because of low self-esteem or poor self-image. Although you might have to woman of your dreams it still can never get rid of the fact that low self-esteem can take over you or your partner's relationship.

Jealous feelings can lead to control and trust issues. When you are dating a person with low self-esteem their mind can create all sorts of scenarios that could make them believe you are cheating or lying to them even if you are not. This creates jealousy and with that comes even more complicated problems.

3. Don't be controlling over your partner.

Like all humans, we have other priorities in life outside of our life with our partners. Letting them go and experience life without you by their side is a breath of fresh air in your relationship. You have to let them be themselves without you. It is important to always be YOU. Never let a person control what or how you feel or control who you can be around.

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4. Have a relationship with YOURSELF, first.

In lesbian relationships, we can become consumed with our partners that we often forget our individuality. Sometimes it’s okay to go out on a date by yourself or go take a walk alone or go binge-watch your favorite tv shows alone while in a relationship. To be good to anyone else you have to remember to love yourself first and foremost.

5. Be as honest as you can to yourself and your partner.

If you are having issues regardless of the matter, you have to remember to be honest and accept them for what they are. Honesty is the best key to any relationship. As a gay woman with plenty of experience, the only thing a person can do is respect a partner who is completely honest with them about their feelings or opinions. You have to accept being honest with yourself before being honest with your partner, so with any type of relationship, it all starts and ends with YOU.

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6. Over-communicate.

Speak your mind and listen to your partner when she speaks hers. The goal of communication is sending as well as receiving the information that is given so to thrive into a healthy relationship remember that communication is the backbone. If you cannot communicate to your partner then what type of relationship is that? You should be able to give and receive information as a couple.

7. Learn to forgive and move on.

In all relationships, there will be problems but to keep that love strong you have to forgive and not live in the mistakes. Mistakes will be made and as a couple, you have to grow past them but you also have to remember to not keep dwelling on the same issue that was supposed to be figured out last week.

Let the past be in the past because if you don’t you will not see a future with your partner, it will eventually eat away at your relationship.

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