Meet Anel Peralta Luciano, French Montana's Rumored New Girlfriend

They were spotted in Miami together.

Who Is French Montana's New Girlfriend? New Details On Anel Peralta Luciano getty

Ever since he first got together with Khloe Kardashian, the world wants to know anything and everything they can about French Montana. So it's perhaps no surprise that the rapper — founder of the COKE (Creation of Kings Everywhere) Boys movement of rappers that include the late Stack Bundles and the late Chinx Drugz — was going to make waves no matter who he had on his arm. 

That's why when the rapper (real name: Karim Karbouch) was seen "getting cozy" with a mystery woman, Internet Detectives went into overdrive trying to figure out who exactly Montana's new "boo thing" was. 


And it didn't take long for a name to emerge: Anel Peralta Luciano, billing herself as an "international model," and looking rather gorgeous on the arm of the "Writing on the Wall" rapper. #CoupleGoals! 

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Well, not really — especially if you take her word for it. So who is Anel Peralta Luciano, French Montana's new girlfriend? Let's look at what we know about her. 

1. Who is Anel Peralta Luciano? She was recently featured in a Gucci Mane video. 

When Gucci Mane released a video for his hit song, "Miss Me," there were plenty of pretty faces in the video but one, in particular, stood out: Luciano's! That's right — according to her saved Instagram stories, she was prominently featured as a model in the rapper's newest single, and she seemed to be having a good time with it.




2. Luciano and Montana were snapped at the Miami International Airport "getting cozy." 

The weekend of February 2nd, 2020 is Super Bowl Weekend in Miami, and every celebrity seems to be coming to town to enjoy the "big game." Montana is no different — so when he landed in Miami International Airport, the paparazzi were at the ready with their cameras. And it was there that they spotted him with Luciano — where he was seen with his arm on Luciano's shoulder, and she was seen with her hand around his waist. 


3. Why was Luciano at the airport? 

Here's a bit of a curiosity: Luciano was seen at Miami International Airport with Montana but she's a resident of a suburb of Miami (Hialeah, FL, to be exact, per her Poshmark page). So, while the question begs itself about why she was there, it also bears noting that her Instagram shows her at various shoots in New York and Los Angeles as well, so perhaps she was flying back from a job. 

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4. French Montana has had high-profile relationships in the past. 

In addition to dating Khloe Kardashian, Montana has had more than his fair share of high-profile relationships. He was linked, in the past, to the rapper Trina (and for a time, they were hip hop's favorite "power couple"), actress Sanaa Lathan, and even Iggy Azalea. He was also married before — to his wife, Deen Karbouch — from 2006 to 2014. 




5. But not much is known about Luciano's dating life. 

Little, if anything, is known about Luciano's dating life. However, in November 2019, she made a post on Instagram talking about dating a "gangsta that has a soft spot for you." While, at the time, people were wondering who she was talking about, fans are now wondering if the "gangsta" in question is Montana. 


6. Luciano says she and Montana are "just friends."

Even though it could certainly be argued that Luciano and Montana are "hooking up" in a friends-with-benefits type of a way, she specifically denied dating Montana when asked about it. She made clear that she and the rapper were "just friends" and had been friends for years. 

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Sounds like "that's that on that," then!


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