Chris Brown's Manager And TLC's Chilli Rumored To Be Dating — Juicy Deets On Their Steamy New Relationship

A new couple?

Are Chris Brown's Manager And TLC's Chilli Dating? New Details On The Steamy New Relationship Getty Images

Rozonda Thomas, known to the world far and wide as Chilli — one-third of the legendary girl-group TLC — has been in the public eye for more than three decades. Yet, interest in her life — both private life and professional — hasn't waned in all this time. So when word got out that she was, possibly, seeing someone new, word spread like wildfire across the blog-osphere. Could it be that our beloved Chilli had finally found true love?


Inquiring minds wanted to know. 

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So, are Chris Brown's manager and Chilli dating? Here's what we know about their newfound rumored relationship. 

1. Are Chris Brown's manager and Chilli dating? They reportedly spent Thanksgiving together. 

Sources suggest that Chris Brown's manager — a man named Anthony Wilson — and Chilli are getting pretty serious with one another. The couple reportedly spent Thanksgiving together, and were recently spotted together in New York City. However, as of this writing, there are no photos of the happy couple together, and this is the first time anyone's hearing news of this new coupling. 



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2. Little is known about Chris Brown's manager.

Very little is known about Chris Brown's new manager, Anthony Wilson, let alone about his dating life. What can be gleaned about the man, based on his Instagram page, is that he's also close with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, as he posted several photos of himself with the hip hop mogul, as well as refers to 50's son Sire as "his nephew." Additionally, he has a close relationship with the rapper Fabolous. 



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3. But Anthony Wilson is actually Chris Brown's newest manager. 

Anthony Wilson has only been a part of Chris Brown's professional team for a short period of time. Back in 2016, Brown's former manager Mike G. filed papers with the courts claiming that Brown had falsely imprisoned him. He also claimed that Brown committed assault and battery, defamation, and breach of contract. The case was finally settled 'amicably' in June of 2019. 


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4. Chilli has had a bit of a rough go in her private life. 

Chilli, meanwhile, hasn't exactly had it easy in her dating life. Back in 2003, she had a very high-profile relationship with the R&B singer Usher, which ended when she realized that he was cheating on her. (Usher's seminal album, Confessions, was reportedly him addressing all of the cheating rumors in the past.) She also has a child with producer Dallas Austin, but that relationship didn't last, either. 

5. She documented her heartbreak on the VH1 show, Girls Cruise

For a brief time, Chilli starred on the VH1 show Girls Cruise, which also starred Mya and Lil'Kim. While on the cruise, Chilli admitted that her "soulmate" got away from her (though she didn't reveal who the soulmate in question was), and that she preferred to remain single and celibate until she found the right one. "My celibacy is solely based on my relationship with God. It is difficult. I wanna have sex! But, it's important to me so it is what it is," she said


6. Neither Chilli nor Anthony Wilson, Chris Brown's manager, have commented on the rumors. 

As of this writing, neither Chilli nor Anthony Wilson have addressed the rumors of their dating relationship. However, we will definitely keep you posted if anything changes — especially if either one of them makes the announcement themselves about their dating status!

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