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40 Best Sylvia Day Quotes From Her Books About Love, Romance And Seduction

40 Best Sylvia Day Quotes From Her Books About Love, Romance And Seduction

Sylvia Day is a Japanese-American number one bestselling author in 28 countries who writes a world of romance, charm, and all things sexy. Sylvia Day is known for her bestselling Crossfire series and has won two National Readers’ Choice Awards, alongside many others. She's written at least 18 romance novels so far, as well as dozens of novellas, short stories and articles. Some of her most popular books include Bared To You, Afterburn, Butterfly In Frost and Pride and Pleasure.

Sylvia Day is best known for her romance novels and sometimes goes under the pseudonyms L.S. Day and Livia Dare. Although her notable pieces of literature include hot and heavy erotic stories, and her numerous novellas and short stories vary — from romance genres, historical literature, paranormal stories, eroticism, and more.

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If you thought her Crossfire series selling over 13 million copies was impressive, Day was also a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence. With more than novels on the horizon, Day has left readers inspired and made it possible to reach an audience around the world.

She is a true inspiration not only for me but for all the young writers out there who are struggling with finding their footing in this industry. It can be extremely intimidating to start creating stories and characters — but it's not impossible. The more you read, enhance your skills and believe in yourself, you will definitely reach your goal. Remember, no goal or dream is too big!

Because of how many novels Day has written, it is safe to say there are plenty of romantic quotes and words about love and seduction to live by in every chapter of her stories. We’ve come up with a list of the best Sylvia Day quotes about love, advice about seduction and romance, and sexy words to share with your own partner to spice up your love life.

1. Imagine this kind of love?

“Day One of my life was when I met you.” — Sylvia Day

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2. When you're so obsessed with someone, you can't get them out of your mind.

“I look at you, angel, and I want you so badly. I want to be with you, listen to you, talk to you. I want to hear you laugh, and hold you when you cry. I want to sit next to you, breathe the same air, share the same life. I want to wake up with you like this every day forever. I want you.” — Sylvia Day

3. Even in a crowded space, you’ll be the one they see.

“Angel, a crowd of millions couldn’t hide you from me. I found you once. I’ll always find you.” — Sylvia Day

4. When you're someone's number one prize.

“You’re the greatest risk I’ve ever taken. His pressed lips gently against mine. And the greatest reward.” — Sylvia Day

5. Can you live without your soulmate?

“People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But that won’t happen for me. I won’t survive you, Eva.” — Sylvia Day

6. Keep the people you love close.

“I want you too much. I want you with me, in my life, in my bed. If I can’t have that, nothing else matters.” — Sylvia Day

7. Sub or dom? You decide.

“‘You forget who submits, Eva,’ he said gruffly. ‘I’ve given up control for you. I’ve bent and adjusted for you. I’ll do anything to keep you and make you happy. But I can’t be tamed or topped. Don’t mistake indulgence for weakness.” — Sylvia Day

8. Romantic obsession at its best.

“He was my drug, and I had no desire to kick the habit.” — Sylvia Day

9. When you know you can make him happy.

“I know it’s not fair to ask you to be with me when we can’t even sleep in the same bed, but I’ll love you better than anyone else could. I’ll take care of you and make you happy. I know I can.” — Sylvia Day

10. Love doesn't always win.

“Sometimes love’s not enough. And if it’s not enough, what good is it?” — Sylvia Day

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11. The story of modern-day love.

“What is it with you, sex, and modes of transportation?” — Sylvia Day

12. Everyone loves a new romance novel.

“The world would be a very sad place if readers could only love one story.” — Sylvia Day

13. The importance of being authentic.

“Some writers may hate interacting on social media. And if you do, don't do it, because it shows. If you are uncomfortable being out in public, that shows, too, and makes the reader uncomfortable. So find the best way for you to connect with your readers and a way that you enjoy.” — Sylvia Day

14. Know your craft.

“I’ve found that writers who don’t read really can’t write.” — Sylvia Day

15. Add this to the book club list of suggestions.

“The 'Crossfire' demographic is all-encompassing. Age, gender, religion, culture... it doesn't matter.” — Sylvia Day

16. One word: inclusive.

“I have had unattractive heroes - broken noses, scars, crooked teeth. You want to give them something that is human. My heroines struggle with being too short or fat or old. Some are older than the heroes. You try to cover all spectrums.” — Sylvia Day

17. The hard part doesn’t end here, my friends.

“Especially in writing love stories, there's always the assumption that once you've said 'I do,' once you get to the point where you're married, well, the hard part is over." — Sylvia Day

18. Never lose your fire!

“I believe that if you work hard at a relationship, devoting time and energy to it, being willing to grow and experiment, and never take it for granted, that you can continue to feel the initial attraction and excitement indefinitely.” — Sylvia Day

19. Trust your instincts and the rest will follow.

“The No. 1 thing is to write the book that you love and then hope that it finds an audience with the same taste as you. I think I've done that, and that's lucky.” — Sylvia Day

20. Make a wish, it might come true.

“If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined.” — Sylvia Day

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21. It starts with you.

“There are millions of people who think that romance isn't real writing. But the only person who can make you real, make your books real, is you.” — Sylvia Day

22. Possession or obsession?

“I’m an animal with you,” he murmured. ‘I want to mark you. I want to possess you so completely there’s no separation between us.” — Sylvia Day

23. Fight for what is yours to keep.

“We were together because we were addicted to each other. I was never as intoxicated as I was when we were happy together, and I knew it was the same for him. We were putting ourselves through the wringer for those moments of perfection between us, but they were so tenuous that only our stubbornness, determination and love kept us fighting for them.” — Sylvia Day

24. The brightest light you’ll ever need in your life.

“His smile was like lightning in the darkness, blinding and beautiful and mysterious, and I wanted him so badly it was physically painful.” — Sylvia Day

25. Emotions become memories over time.

“One day at a time. You rise, you eat, you bathe, and you talk to the few people you can tolerate while feeling so wretched. Over time, it hurts a little less. Then a little less. And so on...Until one morning, you will awake and realize the pain is only a memory. It will always be with you, but it will eventually lack the power to cripple you.” — Sylvia Day

26. Trippin’ off your love.

“I'm still not sure I didn't hallucinate the conversation while overdosing on his pheromones.” — Sylvia Day

27. Start your morning off with a solid workout.

“Gideon woke up ready to conquer the world, and he liked to start that domination with me. How lucky was I?” — Sylvia Day

28. Argue now, laugh forever.

“I’d rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else.” — Sylvia Day

29. Put some respect on legendary literature!

“Obviously, there are those in the industry who don't give romance novels the level of respect the sales would warrant. They'll talk about a book that sells maybe 100,000 copies, that happens to be very literary, whereas something like 'Crossfire' will sell 13 million copies in a single language and hardly get any mentions at all.” — Sylvia Day

30. Don’t proclaim it if you’re not ready.

“I love you. Still not the right word, but I know you want to hear it.” — Sylvia Day

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31. Oh, the subtle shade!

“The '50 Shades' series is a Cinderella story, where the characters seemingly have no flaws. The 'Crossfire' series is very different in that these two characters are almost mirrored images of each other.” — Sylvia Day

32. Do you connect with your novels?

“Readers want a good book; it's a writer's job to give it to them.” — Sylvia Day

33. Time to start typing.

“I urge aspiring writers to write three full-length novels before contemplating publication.” — Sylvia Day

34. Are you the narrator or character in your story?

“For the most part, romance is written in the third person, and it's written in multiple points of view, so you're in the hero's head, and you're in the heroine's head. I've always said that I'm more of a narrator than a creator.” — Sylvia Day

35. It’s always important to be an inspiration to your readers.

“I think we love the fantasy of being the one person who can really touch the person who has been untouchable for everybody else. There's something that makes us feel very special about that; that we could be the one out of everyone who's tried and everybody who's wanted to reach that person - you're the only one who could do it." — Sylvia Day

36. Proof that our stories don’t need a single destination.

“I just have to let the story go the way it needs to go and let them take the detours they want to take, and I'll get to the end.” — Sylvia Day

37. Do not be discouraged, your time will come.

“As a writer, it's disheartening to write books that you pour your soul into and not have them distributed widely enough to find their audience.” — Sylvia Day

38. It may not come to you as quickly but trust the process.

‘When a story captures me, it comes quickly and easily.” — Sylvia Day

39. Even the ones who write about control don’t always have it.

“As for discipline and rules, I confess, I've never been good with either.” — Sylvia Day

40. We can relate, Sylvia.

“Some days, you will sit down, and you write tens of thousands of words. Others, you have to force yourself to write a single sentence.” — Sylvia Day

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