Why Justina Valentine Roasted Blac Chyna On 'Wild N'Out'

She scalped her!

Who Is Justina Valentine? Why She Roasted Blac Chyna On 'Wild N'Out' Getty

She roasted Blac Chyna and spits fire bars that are just as potent as her presence. Yet, there are still some people who don't know the answer to the very simple question: who is Justina Valentine?

Believe it or not, one of the most interesting facts about Valentine is that, yes, Justina Valentine is her real name. She got her start all the way back in 2006 when two of her singles — "Bubble Gum" and "Hip Hop Joan Jett" — went viral on YouTube at a time when such a thing was unheard of.


However, she still floundered in relative obscurity until 2016 when she was cast on Wild N'Out, MTV's hit show that fuses hip hop with comedy. 

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Let's look at what else we know about this rising star, who has become the talk of the town now that she's roasted Blac Chyna in a very public way. 

1. Who is Justina Valentine? She's a native of New Jersey. 

Like many in hip hop today, Valentine is a native of the so-called Tri-State area — namely, Passaic, NJ. Billing herself today as a model, a social media personality, and an actress, Valentine has a dedicated following on her YouTube channel and frequently releases new music to her fanbase. 

2. She collaborated with Fetty Wap.

To date, her best known single is a song called "Candy Land," which you can check out above. She also received a lot of attention for her album, Feminem, in which she all but declared herself the Female Eminem, which is a pretty bold statement to make!

3. Valentine also has several mixtapes out. 

As the so-called "Queen of the Underground" — where she has collaborated with the likes of Chris Webby and other well-known rappers — Valentine, like many other rappers, has released several "mixtapes," which are sort of like "calling cards" for aspiring rappers. Route 80 was her first mixtape, released in 2012. That was followed up by Red Velvet in 2014; she followed up these two mixtapes with her debut album, Scarlet Letter, in 2016. Her most recent offering was the Favorite Vibe album, which was released in 2019. 




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4. She hosted a reboot of the infamous dating show, Singled Out.

Remember the days when Chris Hardwick didn't have a #MeToo stench about him and Jenny McCarthy wasn't an anti-vaxxer? Good times, good times. Anyway, Valentine recently hosted a reboot of the infamous MTV dating show, Singled Out, and her fellow Wild N'Out star Conceited was her co-host




5. Valentine roasted Blac Chyna on a recent episode of Wild N'Out.

In the clip below, you can see Valentine roasting Blac Chyna alive on a recent episode of Wild N'Out. And while hip hop is all about the braggadocio, you can definitely tell that Blac Chyna was taken aback by the roasting as Valentine spit, "Chyna you ain't beat for this battling / You win it back the least famous Kardashian with all that plastic who's gonna smash / Your body recyclable but your career is trash." Ouch!

6. But Blac Chyna's response was pretty weak. 

Bless her heart, because she seems like a really nice lady, but Blac Chyna's response to Valentine's roasting was pretty weak-sauce. The best she could muster was a quick, "but you ain't got no a**!" which didn't seem to get her much support. 


But hey, at least she tried, right? 

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