6 Ways To Tell If He's Single Or Not From His Instagram

What does his account show?

Is He Single Based Off His Instagram? Here Is 6 Ways To Tell. Thom Holmes via Unsplash

By Brittany Christopoulos 

Who doesn’t love creeping on social media (especially when trying to find some information)?!. I know, it’s a great time. And thanks to the demise of the good old-fashioned Facebook relationship status, we have to do our own investigation when we have someone new in our lives before we take it a step further. 

Sure, some guys don’t post on social media a lot, so it can make it more challenging to find out their relationship status. But there are plenty of ways to tell if he’s single based on his Instagram.


Here are 6 ways to tell if he’s single (or not) based on his IG:

1. His profile picture is just of him.

I don’t know if it’s because the girl insists or because he genuinely loves her that much, but if he’s with a girl in his profile picture then he’s taken. If not, there’s a good chance he could be single, ir that he isn’t interested in having his girlfriend on display all the time, so proceed with caution.


2. There are frequent girls in his posts.

When doing an Instagram creep, it’s sometimes pretty easy to spot the regulars who feature in his pictures. Sure, it’s probably the boys (or the fish he just caught), but if there is a girl who is always in group photos, definitely keep in mind that she might be more than just his friend. 

Maybe a FWB? Dig deeper into her pics on her profile to see if she has a boyfriend or girlfriend. And if not, still be cautious.

3. There are no couple photos.

This is super obvious. If he has pictures of him hugging, kissing or doing classic couple poses with a girl on his Instagram, he’s probably taken. And even if he says it’s from a long time ago when you question him about it, still be aware that he hasn’t deleted it for a reason.

Always check who he tagged in the photo because surely you’ll find more info on her account anyway.


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4. Check the hashtags he uses.

We all love to be witty with our captions, especially if it’s an opportunity for a great pun. But if he uses #foreveralone or #mymomwantsmetodate in a funny way, there’s an excellent chance he’s single and actually ready to mingle.

Always, always check captions from pictures at weddings — those are the best!

5. His tagged pictures are from different people.

Sadly, you can’t see tagged pics from someone’s account if it’s private and you don’t follow them. Similarly, you can’t see any photos if the owner has them blocked.


But, if you always see him tagged in his boys’ photos, it’s a great sign that he’s single and not tied down. Because if he was, then all of his tagged photos would be from her.

6. He posts thirst traps.

Relationship status doesn’t always halt people from posting some thirst traps. But if they post a lot where they know they’re looking good, they’re clearly trying to get attention and urging ladies to slide into his DMs. However, bear in mind that he might be just doing it for the followers (but chances are slim on that one).

Obviously, it’s pretty easy to figure out if someone is in a relationship or not. However, people often use their social media accounts to hide their real lives.


So, it’s important to do your research accordingly and question him if you’re getting mixed messages. The truth will reveal itself if you know where to look and what to ask. And if your gut is telling you something, trust it.

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Brittany Christopoulos is a writer who focuses on women's issues, mental health, love, and relationships.