Ozuna Is Engaged! Meet His Longtime Girlfriend And Soon-To-Be Wife, Taina Marie Melendez

Congratulations are in order to the soon-to-be married lovers!

Ozuna Is Engaged! Meet His Longtime Girlfriend And Soon-To-Be Wife, Taina Marie Melendez getty

Considered the so-called "New King of Reggaeton," Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado — known only as Ozuna to his ever-growing fanbase — has been creating a unique mix of Latin trap and reggaeton fusion music for years.

Over the course of a career in which he released two well-known albums in the Latin music genre — Odisea and Aura — he has sold more than 15 million records. He even acted in some films, including Que Leon. What's more, he's considered groundbreaking in another way: he's one of the only artists who has more than 1 billion views on his video on YouTube. 


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Now, however, he's making the news for an entirely different reason: because he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Tania Maria Melendez. Let's look at what we know about Taina Marie Melendez, Ozuna's fiancé.


1. Who is Ozuna's fiancé? Taina Marie Melendez has been with him for eight years. 

Ozuna announced that he'd been with Melendez for eight years in a post you can see below. He confirmed that he'd asked her to be his wife in an Instagram story, as well, and said that his desire to make Melendez — with whom he shares a daughter and a son — "official" in his life.

"It wasn't until I had a family that I was able to move forward, change many things and think differently. The most special thing a family has is a marriage and I had been wanting to get married, but I was waiting for a special moment and I didn't have time ... but I finally asked and told her I wanted to get married," he said.



A post shared by OZUNA (@ozuna) on Dec 24, 2019 at 5:24am PST

2. Melendez had been referred to as 'Ozuna's wife' for many years. 

In many articles that cater to the Latin community, Melendez has been referred to as 'Ozuna's wife' from, pretty much, the day they got together. However, they never officially got married — or thought to — until recently. 


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3. He commemorated the proposal with an Instagram video. 

"After one has achieved and accomplished so much in life, the only thing I have left to do is to dedicate time to my family," he said in an Instagram post made shortly after he proposed to Melendez.

Fans noted that he was getting "very emotional" as he talked about how much he loved his family — and, specifically, his wife.



A post shared by OZUNA (@ozuna) on Jan 13, 2020 at 9:32am PST



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4. Melendez supported Ozuna before he was famous.

Ozuna has said that without Melendez's support, he never could have become famous. "When I met you, I only had 40 dollars in my pocket, I had no car—I only had a heart to give you. Thank you for being the person who dries my tears and removes my sadness!" he said.


5. Ozuna said that he endeavored to be known as a "family man" in 2019 and beyond. 

"La vida se trata de eso. [Life is all about this.] It’s not about fame, it’s about enjoying every moment — family, your loved ones. Y dar el todo por el todo [And give it your all, for all] in everything you do — movies, work, whatever it is. Disfruta cada momento [Enjoy every moment],” he said

6. Will this be the year that he crosses over into the mainstream? 

Though Ozuna is mostly known in the LatinX community that enjoys his style of music, this just might be the year that he "crosses over" into the mainstream. He enchanted audiences all over Miami when he played at Y100's Jingle Ball alongside the likes of the Jonas Brothers, which led fans to believe that he just might take things to a whole new level. 

Regardless, he will do it with Melendez by his side, so congratulations are in order to the happy couple!


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