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LaLa Anthony Allegedly Caught Creeping With Yahya Abdul-Mateen II — Is She Cheating?

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Who Is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II? New Details On 'Aquaman' Actor Allegedly Creeping With LaLa Anthony

Who is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II? 

LaLa Anthony used to be known solely as the wife of basketball player Carmelo Anthony. The former New York Knick, however, was far from a faithful husband; rumors of his cheating have abounded for years, and there's even some speculation that he produced a daughter as a result of a fling. Despite it all, however, the duo seem to still be married — be it of their own volition or because they share a son, Kiyan. 

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However, rumors about the Power actress's indiscretions have been circulating for a while now, as well. This time, however, there may be some "teeth" to these rumors. Let's look at what we know about Anthony's alleged indiscretions with Abdul-Mateen. 

1. Who is Yaya Abdul-Mateen II? He's a classically-trained actor. 

Abdul-Mateen is a graduate of the prestigious Yale School of Drama, where he received a master of fine arts. The 33-year-old actor also has a bit of a thriving career of his own, having obtained roles in Aquaman, The Get Down, and even in the upcoming film about the Chicago 7, where he plays freedom fighter Bobby Seale. 

2. He's also an architect. 

Acting isn't the only field in which Abdul-Mateen thrives: he graduated from the University of California at Berkeley for his undergraduate degree, and began working for the city of San Francisco as a planner. A sports teammate suggested that Abdul-Mateen take up acting, because it was "just like recess." He began taking acting courses, fell in love with the art, and soon began pursuing his acting career in earnest. 

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3. Abdul-Mateen and Anthony were spotted holding hands. 

An Instagram page posted a photo of Abdul-Mateen and Anthony holding hands as they left a restaurant in New York City, prompting speculation that the duo was an item. Check out the incriminating photo below. 



4. But Anthony insists they're just friends. 

"[Abdul-Mateen] is a mutual friend and Melo and La are doing just fine. They are back together. They are just friends, they have been working out together and Yahya has been giving her tips on acting. People shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusions — especially if she’s seen leaving a restaurant," said a source close to Anthony

5. The Anthonys had separated for some time. 

Back in July 2019, the Anthonys issued a joint statement that confirmed their separation. "As La La and Carmelo have been living apart for quite some time, La La is proceeding with legal discussions as the next step in their relationship. They will remain loving and committed parents to their son," they said. This wasn't the first time the couple had split: they also separated in April 2017, but got back together in early 2018. Reportedly, Carmelo's frequent cheating was at the root of their separation. 

6. But the family seems to be back together. 

Over the Christmas holiday, Anthony posted "family pictures" of herself with her husband and their son, Kiyan, which indicated to many that the couple had reconciled. 

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However, with this new "outing" with Abdul-Mateen, there may be a kink in the plans! We will definitely keep you posted of the drama as it comes up.

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