Meet Chantel Jeffries, Diplo's Girlfriend — Who's A Successful Performer In Her Own Right

Chantel Jeffries is a popular DJ, entertainer and influencer in her own right.

Meet Chantel Jeffries, Diplo's Girlfriend — Who's A Successful Performer In Her Own Right getty

Diplo — real name Thomas Wesley Pentz — is an award-winning, multi-platinum-selling DJ, songwriter and producer. His credits include top-level artists from a variety of genres including Beyoncé, Madonna, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Usher and No Doubt. 

Initially a solo artist —​ his debut album Florida was released independently in 2004 —​ Diplo first found international success after a chance encounter with M.I.A. in London. The success of their collaboration would leda to work with London-based DJ Switch and work shortly thereafter with the likes of Shakira, Robyn, Bruno Mars and Die Antwoord. He and Switch would become Major Lazer, whose song "Pon De Floor" was sampled for Beyoncé's hit single "Run The World (Girls)."


Career success has not slowed down over the last 15 or so years for Diplo, who has also kept active with Jack Ü (alongside Skillrex), LSD (with Sia and Labrinth) and Silk City (a pairing with Mark Ronson). Diplo has also made time for family, having two children with Kathryn Lockhart, but he's currently in a relationship with Chantel Jeffries. Below are some of the things we do know about Diplo's girlfriend.

So, who is Chantel Jeffries and what's going on in her relationship with Diplo?

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1. Who is Chantel Jeffries? She has a multi-faceted career.

Chantel Jeffries is not only a DJ and record producer, but she has also earned part of her living as an actress, model and personality. She is signed to the Universal Music Group sub-label 10:22 pm as a recording artist and it would be fair to call her an "influencer."

Her first mainstream success within the musical world was via the single "Wait." Released in May 2018, the song peaked at #10 on the Billboard U.S. Dance chart, as featuring vocals from Vory and Offset. Followup singles released via UMG include "Both Sides," "Better" and "Facts."



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2. Chantel Jeffries is currently working on a variety of projects.

Utilizing her Soundcloud account to share new music directly with fans, Chantel Jeffries has released tracks beyond her initial 2018 batch distributed by 10:22 pm. She also appears to tour regularly, DJ'ing at major events around the world.


Back in July, Jeffries was named as being attached to a forthcoming "mini-reality show on Snapchat" like Kevin Hart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serena Williams.​ This is further corroborated by an "in development" listing on IMDB, which has an entry for Untitled Creator Show With Chantel Jeffries.

3. Diplo is not the first celebrity who Chantel Jeffries has dated.

Oftentimes, celebrities are known to only date other celebrities. Why exactly that is cannot be established, but it may have something to do with celebrities wanting to be with other people who understand the demands and lifestyle associated with high-profile living.

Prior to being attached to Diplo, Chantel Jeffries has been associated with a variety of celebrities. This includes singers (e.g. Justin Bieber, The Weeknd), rappers (e.g. Travis Scott, Machine Gun Kelly), actors (e.g. Wilmer Valderrama, Lil Twist) and professional athletes (e.g. Kyrie Irving, DeSean Jackson). Diplo notably dated Katy Perry in the past.


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4. Diplo and Chantel Jeffries do not appear to have worked together.

In browsing through the discographies of both Diplo and Chantel Jeffries, the two do not seem to have crossed paths in a recording studio prior to starting their relationship. But interestingly, Diplo has worked with several of Jeffries' rumored former flames, including Travis Scott and Justin Bieber.

While it was rumored that Diplo and Jeffries were previously dating, their relationship did not come to light until the two were spotted together in Mexico a few days. While social media postings published by Jeffries denote photos of her to be taken by Diplo in Tulum, neither of the two have commented on how or where they met nor when they first started seeing one another.



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5. Chantel Jeffries did not always look the way she does now.

Social media followers of Chantel Jeffries ought to be accustomed to seeing her in revealing and/or form-fitting clothing. She is known to be slender and in great shape, hence her lack of fear of cameras. But it apparently takes a lot of work to look the way she does.


Jeffries is allegedly "careful with her food choices." She "stays away from sugar as much as possible" and "doesn't eat dairy or gluten." When it comes to exercise, she also stays very active and is sure to go for walks after a big meal.

On the cosmetic end, Jeffries has also admitted to surgical tweaks; she had breast augmentation in the past and subsequently had "a reduction and lift," which she vlogged about in hopes of helping those in similar situations as her.

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6. Chantel Jeffries is very active on social media.

Some celebrities become more private as things get busier within their careers. After all, when there's endless work to do and a public image to maintain, odds are that they are going to be showing up at fewer functions which sidetrack them from work and other key priorities.

With Chantel Jeffries, however, mainstream success hasn't slowed down her social media activity. In fact, within the last 24 hours alone, the 4.5 million Instagram followers of "Ceejay The Dj" have been treated to three posts showing different outfits. And that's without factoring in other postings which have gone live to her Twitter account; she also has big followings for her official Facebook and YouTube accounts.

However, only one of Jeffries' recent social media postings shows Diplo; it's a photo of him from the back as taken during their Tulum, Mexico trip. This may lead one to question if a relationship with Jeffries will lead Diplo to change up how he uses social media, or vice-versa. Either way, this power couple appears enjoying one another's company and it will also be interesting to see if the two DJ's find a way to collaborate musically.

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