5 Things You Need To Know In Order To Understand Diplo & Zedd's Latest Beef On Twitter

They've been at it for years now.

What Does Diplo Know About Zedd & Why Did He Threaten Him? 5 Facts About Their New Beef On Twitter Getty Images

The feud between Zedd and Diplo has been going on for years now — and their beef was just reignited on Twitter.

What does Diplo know about Zedd, and why did he threaten to go "full Pusha T" on him?

Last night, fellow DJ Max Vagneli gave Diplo a piece of his mind about a recent encounter the two had together.

He tweeted that, after he had opened for Diplo at his recent Hong Kong show, Diplo barely talked to him and instead chose to “turn around and talk to another h-e.”


Shortly thereafter, Zedd chimed in with his thoughts, saying that Vagneli’s claims are “100% true.”

Diplo was quick to fire back, tweeting his response this morning.



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He first referenced earlier drama between himself and Zedd, claiming to have “already put this guy [Zedd] in a coffin two years ago.”

He then gave Zedd an ultimatum to either “delete his Twitter account” in 24 hours or contend with Diplo “going full Pusha T on him,” alluding to a recent beef between rappers Drake and Pusha T.


In that celebrity feud, Pusha T wrote a diss track taking jabs at Drake's personal life, including allegations he has a love child.

So what dirt does Diplo have on Zedd?


Some fans suggested that he might expose how Zedd doesn't write any of his own music,or that he stole music from other DJs. Exact details about the dirt he claims to have haven't yet been confirmed.


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Diplo also responded to Vagneli’s original tweet, saying that at the time he thought Vagneli was “just a fan.”

This exchange is just the latest development in the longstanding feud between Diplo and Zedd, one that has been going on for years.


Here are five key facts about their history together to better explain their current beef on Twitter.

1. Diplo has questioned Zedd’s musical direction.

In an April 2013 interview with Katie Cunningham from InTheMix, Diplo discusses Zedd’s musical choices, saying he was taking the easy route by doing whatever it takes to become popular instead of staying true to himself.

“Then you have someone like Zedd who plays Swedish House Mafia remixes on side stages … you don’t have to do that," he said. "This is our music, we’re making it for ourselves. It’s up to us to change things and be really unique and progressive. So don’t just adhere to what the hits are, adhere to what matches your personality and what you love. I guess some guys just see an easy route to become popular and take that.”


2. Diplo criticized Zedd’s album True Colors.

In May 2015, Diplo gave Zedd’s True Colors this scathing review on Twitter.


The tweet has since been deleted.

3. Diplo has denied their feud in the past.

Just a few weeks after criticizing the album (see above), Diplo again tweeted his thoughts on Zedd. This time, he gave a more positive review, saying “he’s dope af” and encouraging others to “go listen to his album and give him a chance.”



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4. Diplo called Zedd’s relationship with Selena Gomez a “publicity stunt.”

Diplo had some more choice words for Zedd in a June 2015 interview, which has since been deleted but is archived.

“I just think that [Zedd] came from such a cool place, and now he’s been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn’t even a genre. But they’ve pegged him for that, they’ve marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music.”


5. Diplo's reaction to Zedd’s single “The Candyman” ignited a firestorm of tweets.

When Zedd and Aloe Blacc teamed up in March 2016 to release an updated version of “The Candyman” to celebrate Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’s 75th anniversary, Diplo again had something to say about it.

A barrage of tweets ensued between the two.


Subsequent tweets feature Diplo telling Zedd things along the lines of, “Don’t be such a pompous cornball loser” and “I just know you can do better that’s all.”


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