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Gucci Mane Exposed For Cheating On Wife Keyshia Ka'oir With Kenyatta Rican — All The Messy Details

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Who Is Kenyatta Rican? New Details On Model Rumored To Be Cheating With Gucci Mane

Who is Kenyatta Rican? Rappers aren't known for being loyal and faithful husbands, and Gucci Mane is no different. The Atlanta rapper, born Radric Delantic Davis, found himself at the center of The Breakfast Club controversy earlier in 2019, namely because the rumors of him messing with Angela Yee wouldn't die.

And while there were always rumors about his unfaithfulness in hip hop circles, few — if any — could really prove that Gucci Mane was disloyal to his longtime girlfriend, Keyshia Ka'oir, who became his wife not long ago. 

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Until now, that is. Let's look at what we know about Kenyatta Rican, the woman rumored to be at the center of Gucci Mane's latest cheating controversy. 

1. Who is Kenyatta Rican? She's a Chicago-based model and adult film actress. 

Kenyatta Rican, who bills herself as a host and a brand ambassador on her Instagram page, is based in Chicago, IL. She also has a private OnlyFans page, in which people can pay a monthly subscription to see her show a lot more than her twerking with clothes on. 


A post shared by Kenyatta Rican (@thick_kenya) on Dec 28, 2019 at 9:29pm PST

2. She inferred Gucci Mane was cheating on Keyshia Ka'oir with her. 

Rican took to her Instagram stories, which have since been deleted, to imply that Gucci Mane was cheating on his wife, Keyshia Ka'oir, with her. On the stories, she showed a picture of Gucci Mane's page that showed he blocked her with the caption, "why did you block me? She ain't gotta know." 

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3. But Rican backtracked when she got flooded with nasty comments. 

Really, though? When Rican posted the incriminating Instagram story, she was flooded with nasty comments from overzealous Gucci Mane fans who swore she was trying to "expose" the rapper. That prompted her to post another Instagram story to clear the air.

"I never f**ked Gucci. I never met Gucci. Hell, I rarely visit his page. I purchased Keyshia Ka'oir products a while back & that's the only attachment I had. Now out of nowhere, I'm blocked. She obviously making him block females or is it just me?" she wrote.

4. Even if he's not sleeping with Rican, Gucci Mane allegedly has other 'side chicks.'

The private Instagram page Gossip of The City posted some DMs from a follower who claimed that even if Gucci Mane wasn't sleeping with Rican, he definitely had other "side chicks." According to this anonymous user, Mane even slept with one of these side chicks right after he proposed to Ka'oir!

5. Gucci Mane first met his wife back in 2010. 

Gucci Mane met Ka'oir on the set of a music video back in 2010. At the time of their initial meeting, Ka'oir was hesitant to go out with him because he was a rapper — but Gucci Mane claimed he fell in love with her "on sight."

After a relationship that could best be described as "off and on," they were married in 2017. 

6. Even though he denied sleeping with Rican, Gucci Mane admits he wasn't always the best boyfriend and husband. 

Though he blames his addiction to "lean" for his bad behavior — and though he's denied cheating on Ka'oir recently, especially with Rican — Gucci Mane admits that he wasn't exactly a dream come true to deal with.

"I’d promised her I was done drinking lean, which was a lie, but as long as I stayed on point and didn’t let things spiral out of control she would have no reason not to believe me," he said, adding that after he went to jail, he was "humbled" by the experience, and credited Ka'oir for being such a positive influence on his life.

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