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50 Quotes On What It Feels Like To Be Overwhelmed (And How To Make It Stop)

Anxiety Quotes On Being Overwhelmed How To Relieve Stress

Everyone feels overwhelmed by life and stressed out at times — most stress is normal and  will pass. Instead of working yourself to exhaustion, know when to take a break. You can get a lot more done with a clear mind and a happy heart.

Only you know what is too much for you to handle so take care of yourself. Your tasks will still be there tomorrow, so if you want to spend today not caring about your responsibilities then let them go.

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You shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to stay in bed, rest, and binge watch a television show. Don’t be afraid to answer yes to Netflix asking “are you still watching?” If you need time to reflect, then take a long walk and enjoy the scenery all around you. Maybe you have friends that you have been too busy to spend time with and now would be a great time to see them. Plan a cute dinner with your gal pals, get drinks, and have a kiki!

If your brain has been in overdrive, maybe put more attention on connecting with your body to relieve your anxiety. Take a hot yoga or spin class to get your body moving. Just do things that will bring you joy and satisfaction.

It is important that you put yourself and your mental health first, so take the necessary steps you need to take to do that. If you have been wanting to take up a new hobby, nothing is stopping you. Enroll in that photography class you have always wanted to take. Find the balance and reach equilibrium.

Life is difficult, but it can also be beautiful. So focus on finding the beauty in it instead of just seeing the darkness and gloom that comes with anxiety and the feelings of being overwhelmed with life.

It might not be obvious right now, but it will get better and you will overcome this.

These anxiety quotes about what it feels like to be overwhelmed are sure to give you the right mindset to help you find peace and calm, even when you're stressed out.

1. Just keep swimming.

“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.” — Tyler Knott Gregson

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2. This too will pass.

"You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” — Timber Hawkeye

3. You are your own worst enemy.

"Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your ears." — Laird Hamilton

4. Learn to live in the moment to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

"Life is short. Stop worrying about what might happen. Live in the moment. Follow your heart. Be with good people. Forget what hurt you – but never forget what it taught you." — Karen Salmansohn

5. Do something for someone else to ease your anxiety.

"Sometimes when I’m not feeling so happy, I do something to make someone else happy. Afterwards I find I’m suddenly feeling happy again." — Karen Salmansohn

6. Have your own back.

"Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Instead, pull them into your peace." — Unknown

7. You will come back stronger.

"The comeback is always stronger than the setback." — Unknown

8. Learn how to be stress free.

“A woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” — Lysa Terkeurst

9. Ignore what needs to be ignored.

“Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.” — Robert J. Sawyer​

10. You will pass the test.

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” — Paulo Coelho

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11. Learn how to take care of yourself.

“Sometimes you just need to be selfish and take care of you. If they love you, they’ll understand.” — Robert Tew

12. Your feelings are valid.

"I feel so much that it is hard for me at times to feel anything at all.” — Mary Kate Teske​

13. You have places to go.

“I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had absolutely no other place to go.” — Abraham Lincoln

14. Take a new path in life.

"If a door closes, quit banging on it. Whatever was behind it was not meant for you. Consider that perhaps the door was closed because you’re worth so much more than what was on the other side." — Unknown

15. Surround yourself with people who support you.

"Spend time with people who bring out the best in you. Not the stress in you." — Unknown

16. You're not perfect.

"I’m not yet where I want to be. But thank goodness I’m not where I used to be. Onward and upward." — Karen Salmansohn

17. Stop asking "why".

"Stop living in the land of why. There are no happy answers to “why me?” “why didn’t I?” “Why did I?” If you must ask any questions, ponder: “How can I grow?” “What’s in my control to change?” “What’s a gain in my pain?”" — Karen Salmansohn

18. Grow as much as you can.

"Everything you’ve ever done, every person you’ve ever met, every experience you’ve ever had is a part of who you are today, adding interesting layers to your being, and colorful depths to your soul. Everything needed to be as it was, so you could grow as you did and do." — Karen Salmansohn

19. Know when to let go.

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” — Ann Landers​

20. Get started.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” — Mark Twain

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21. Life is hard and beautiful.

“Life can be magnificent and overwhelming—that is the whole tragedy. Without beauty, love, or danger it would almost be easy to live.” — Albert Camus

22. Learn the hard lessons.

“When it hurts—observe. Life is trying to teach you something.” — Anita Krizzan​

23. Try not to drown in your anxiety.

“Some days you will feel like the ocean. Some days you will feel like you are drowning in it.” — Lora Mathis

24. You can overcome your stress.

“I often think I can’t do this anymore but then I realize what choice do I have?” — Justin Blaney

25. Move forward with good mental health.

"Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice." — Zig Ziglar

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26. Good things are coming.

"What is coming is better than what is gone. Let this belief aim you in the direction you need to go." — Karen Salmanson

27. Take a mental break.

"Just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body." — Miranda Kerr

28. Failure is a challenge.

"If we don't see a failure as a challenge to modify our approach, but rather as a problem with ourselves, as a personality defect, we will immediately feel overwhelmed." — Anthony Robbins

29. Listen more and judge less.

"When you're overwhelmed by your emotion, you listen less and you judge more. This is also the reality of the dogmatic mind." — Tariq Ramadan

30. You are stronger than you think.

"You are more than the mistakes you’ve made. Instead you’re the wisdom, love, strength, and compassion you’ve gained from all you’ve been through." — Karen Salmansohn

31. Life should be celebrated.

"No matter where you are in life, celebrate it! It’s either a product of your growth or a place that will help you to grow. Cheers to today!" — Unknown

32. When you're feeling overwhelmed, take things one step at a time.

"Anxiety happens when you think to have to figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You’re strong. You got this. Take it day by day." — Karen Salmansohn

33. Find the peace within you.

"We don't realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace." — Elizabeth Gilbert

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34. Don't be afraid of the dark.

"Even from a dark night, songs of beauty can be born." — Mary Anne Radmacher

35. Be grateful and appreciative.

"When life gets hectic and you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to focus on the people and things you are most grateful for. When you have an attitude of gratitude, frustrating troubles will fall by the wayside." — Dana Arcuri

36. Just do something good for yourself.

"When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better." — Unknown

37. Learn how to relax when you're stressed out and overwhelmed.

"We should all relax about life because you don't have a clue as to what's really going on." — Barry Sonnenfeld

38. You're tough.

"Life is tough my darling but so are you." — Stephanie Bennett Henry

39. Be your own motivator.

"Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me." — Unknown

40. Remember why you're here, in this moment.

"In order to move on you must understand why you felt how you did and why you no longer need to feel it." — Mitch Albom

41. You are enough.

"You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone." — Maya Angelou

42. Carry the world on your shoulders.

"The benefit of carrying the entire world on your shoulders was that you didn't have to stare it in the face." — Rhian J. Martin

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43. Don't give up.

"Don't give up now. Chances are your best kiss, your hardest laugh, and your greatest day are still yet to come." — Atticus

44. You can get through this depression.

"One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness." — Jackie Kennedy

45. Look forward to better days.

"The best is yet to come." — Unknown

46. You are stronger than you think.

"Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You're strong. You got this. Take it day by day." — Karen Salmansohn

47. Find the strength that lies within.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

48. Be thankful for where you are in life.

"You have dealt with so much, and done the best that you can. So, take a moment now to appreciate how strong you are." — Karen Salmansohn

49. Don't sweat the small stuff.

"Don’t let little things take up too much room in your heart. Or you’ll spend your entire life being annoyed and upset." — Unknown

50. Take ownership of yourself.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." — Friedrich Nietzsche

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