7 Binge-Worthy Christmas Movies For Couples To Watch Over The Holidays

Need ideas for a festive night in?

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Christmas is a well-loved holiday that brings a lot of joy and happiness. What the true meaning of Christmas varies from person to person. But most of us can agree, it’s the time of year where we express our love by purchasing Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, all the gift exchanging during the holidays can really take a toll on your wallet.

But don’t let it take a toll on your relationship too. No matter the season, dates are important within a relationship. You and your significant other need that intimate one on one time. Who says that you always have to go on expensive dates? Sometimes the most memorable dates aren’t the most expensive. Once you become more open-minded and creative you find that the world is filled with affordable date options. There are plenty of fun and festive things you and your significant other can do this holiday season, without breaking the bank.


For example, movie nights are always a win! Movies allow couples to be present in the moment together. Within all movies, there’s almost always a lesson that can be implemented into your own life or relationship. As a couple when you come across these lessons it can be helpful to talk about it. That way both partners will get an opportunity to understand one another’s point of view. This dialogue based on the movie can help strengthen your relationship and lead to relational growth.

But finding the perfect movie can be very difficult, especially with all the options and preferences. Maybe you love rom coms and your significant other only like classic films. A compromise will defiantly be in order. To alleviate some of the stress associated with picking a movie,  here’s a list of must-watch movies for this Christmas. Just grab the remote, popcorn, and a blanket and your movie night is ready to begin.


1. White Christmas (1954)

If you’re tired of the typical cheesy holiday movies this classic 1950s musical is a must-watch. A performing duo has their eyes set on a pair of talented sisters. The men end up Vermont, following the girls in hopes of marrying them and enjoying the snow. Both tasks prove to be more difficult than expected due to miscommunication, especially when an old colleague is in need of help.

Within a relationship, miscommunication is not uncommon. It’s really important that you don’t jump to a conclusion prior to speaking with your partner about a troublesome topic. Open dialogue within a relationship prevents unnecessary conflicts and helps maintain the relationship.  

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2. Elf (2003) 

Who doesn’t love Will Ferrell as Buddy the elf? Elf is surely going to make you and your significant other bursts out in laughter. Between Buddy, being 6ft tall grown man in bright yellow tights to his overwhelming love for Christmas it’s no surprise he’s viewed as a weirdo.

When Buddy finds out he’s a human he goes to New York to find his Scrooge-like father. Buddy didn’t hold grudges against his father for not being in his life for thirty years. He even tried to be normal like his father wanted. His dad even started compromising too. Couples can take away the importance of compromise and forgiveness. 


3. Let It Snow (2019)

If you or bae can’t keep up with all the couples from Love Actually, try Netflix’s take on the film. We may be all experiencing the holidays together, but we’re experiencing them completely differently. Some of us are falling madly in love, navigating the dating scene, or on the verge of breaking up. It’s important not to compare your relationship to anyone else’s because all relationships are different. Doing so can lead you to have unrealistic expectations of your partner. Besides, the ups and downs of life and relationships are what create the most memorable memories. Spontaneity plays a role in keeping relationships alive. Instead of just going with the flow this holiday season, Let It Snow. 

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4. Holiday Engagement (2011)


Nothing is worse than getting dumped around the holidays especially when your family thinks you are engaged. Your too good to be true lawyer fiance dumps you and the only logical choice is to hire an actor to play him. As Hillary spends more time with the actor David she begins to fall in love and realizes that Jason was never truly the one for her. Jason just lived up to her mother’s expectations. Hilary decides to go after the man that supports and loves her instead. David and Hillary’s fake engagement turns to a real wedding.

As a couple, it’s important that you’re together for the right reasons. Your significant other has to first and foremost impress you. What your family thinks of them comes second, because they won’t be dating or marrying him. Eventually, your family will come around when they see how in love you guys are just like Hillary’s did.

5. A Christmas Prince Series (2017, 2018, & 2019)

You can’t forget to watch a traditional cliche holiday movie! Imagine finally getting a chance to get a big break in your career and it leads you to find your prince charming in another country. In true movie fashion, Amber is not arrested for stalking the prince in the pursuit of trying to write a story on him. Instead, Prince Richard ends up falling madly with her and proposes. From there on a New York Journalist is now the Queen of Aldovia. We get to see how she juggles being a feminist, queen, and mother all throughout the series.


Being a modern-day woman is no small task, you are expected to have a successful career and relationship. Balancing all these tasks can prove to be exhausting. But through it, all don't forget to be your authentic self. When Amber stopped trying to a traditional type of queen, that's when she began to flourish. You can't allow other people to dictate how you live your life or act in a relationship. Remaining true to yourself keeps the relationship honest and tests where you and your partner are truly compatible. 

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6. Home Alone 1 & 2 (1990 & 1992)

Are you ready for endless laughs? I don’t know how hard it is to raise five kids, but couples are sure to keep an eye on your little ones. You wouldn't want to leave them home alone. The McCallister family always seems to leave Kevin behind. Kevin is anything far from being a dumb kid, he’s actually quite cunning. He uses the most expected things ranging from toys to the tv to deceive the bad guys trying to rob his family. Who needs a home security system when you have Kevin McCallister to save the day?


7. The Grinch (2018)

Make room for the new animated version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.Mr. Grinch is known for being mean, but in this portrayal, he is tech-savvy and way more sentimental. I think Mr.Grinch actually has a heart! He values the family dynamic and his loneliness is what stems his hatred for Christmas. In the end, Mr.Grinch gives a sentimental speech on how thankful he is for the Who’s acceptance of him.


In a relationship, couples have to be accepting of one another. We all come from different backgrounds and the differences shouldn’t divide us. They should help get perspective on why your partner acts a certain way, just like how Cindy Lou Who was able to look past the Grinch’s past.

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