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Meet Ayana Charm — Offset's Ex Who Rob Kardashian's Been Flirting With

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Meet Ayana Charm — Offset's Ex Who Rob Kardashian's Been Flirting With

Rob Kardashian is up to his old tricks of trolling Twitter looking for dates. It must be nice to be famous and able to do stuff like that. The current object of his flirty affections is Instagram model Ayana Charm.

Who is Ayana Charm? Let's investigate the object of the Kardashian brother's affections.

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There's no harm in taking a chance on love via emojis. At least that's what Rob Kardashian seemed to be doing when he retweeted a set of sexy pics of the Instagram model with two devil emojis and a four-leaf clover emoji.

This isn't the first time Rob has done this. Back in June, Twitter nearly melted down when he tweeted a number of messages for Dominican singer Natti Natasha. Back then he also retweeted a photo of her and captioned it: "Oh hi." By the way, ol' Rob is still at it with the retweeting of snaps of Natti Natasha. He posted one on Wednesday, December 11. And also one on the 10th.

Rob has been largely single since he and his baby mama Blac Chyna called it off. It appears Rob is finally trying to really get back out there and find love.

A source close to him said, "Rob is single but would like to date. He wants to find someone to spend time with and share his life with," the insider said. "He doesn't want to be single and has tried to meet someone. He's starting to feel better about himself and is feeling more hopeful."

But we're not here to talk only about Rob Kardashian. We're also here to find out who Charm is. Let's dive right in: 

1. Who is Ayana Charm? A few fun facts.

Charm is a 24-year-old originally from Washington D.C. who seems to be splitting her time between Atlanta and Los Angeles. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite movies are the Friday movies. The best concert she's ever been to is Beyoncé. If she could have any superpower, she'd want to be the strongest person in the world. 

2. She's an Instagram model.

Charm has thoroughly modern career of being an Instagram model. Her Instagram account is filled with nearly-naked photos of her heavily-tattooed body. She often has her tongue out. She has 462,000 followers.


A post shared by @ayanacharm on Feb 27, 2019 at 11:02am PST

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3. She's been linked to a number of rappers.

Charm has been linked to a number of rappers. She dated Ferrari and Chief Keef in 2017. She dated Cardi B's now-husband Offset from 2015 to 2017. She was also linked to Rich The Kid in 2016 and Bryshere Gray in 2017.

There aren't any recent reports of who she is dating or if she is dating. Maybe Rob Kardashian has a chance!

4. Ayana Charm likes dating "savages."

What kind of men does Charm like? The model mentions she likes her men to have a bit of savageness to them while still having a tender side for her.

She said the most romantic thing that's ever happened to her was when a guy gave her flowers and a spa day including having a massage and getting her nails done. If you'd like to know what it's like to date Charm, don't worry, she'll tell you

5. Kardashian fans went wild on Twitter.

It seems like whenever Rob Kardashian shows interest in someone on social media, the platform loses its collective mind. That's what happened when Rob retweeted Charm's sexy photos. Responses ranged from "Okaaay Robert you better shoot that shot, to "OK we see you Rob," and "Rob is triggered! Go for it!"

6. What is Ayana Charm's idea of a perfect date?

Rob Kardashian take note: Charm's idea of a perfect date is a field full of daisies, a picnic, and then go back home and cuddle and ... well, get nekkid. Her favorite food is chicken, so a good bet would be to include that in your picnic basket, Rob. 

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