Who Is Evelyn Lozada? New Details On The Former Star Of 'Basketball Wives' Who's Allegedly Getting Cozy With Rob Kardashian Jr.

Is this Rob's new boo?

Who Is Evelyn Lozada? New Details On The Former Star Of 'Basketball Wives' Who's Allegedly Getting Cozy With Rob Kardashian Jr. Instagram

She's been making headlines for decades, and manages to look good doing it. While she's somewhat known for the basketball stars she dates (and sometimes marries), she's now become known for getting friendly with a Kardashian. Who is Evelyn Lozada?

If there’s one thing that Evelyn Lozada knows how to do, it’s make headlines wherever she goes. Let’s look at why she’s making headlines today.


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1. Evelyn Lozada and Robert Kardashian, Jr., exchanged rather racy Tweets recently.

According to OK Magazine, Evelyn Lozada and Robert Kardashian Jr. celebrated Father’s Day, not by spending time with their respective children, but by exchanging sexy Tweets, which is exactly how one should be celebrating Father’s Day.

Although the tweets have been subsequently deleted, Evelyn Lozada claimed that Rob Kardashian Jr. “has a big sausage” and the sole male heir of the Kardashian empire replied that Evelyn has a certain sexual technique that is the subject of many an adult movie and involves female ejaculation.


Well. Alright then.

But Rob Kardashian Jr. — who shares a daughter with ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna — wasn’t just getting jiggy with Evelyn Lozada. In fact, on the same day that he was making crude remarks about Evelyn’s sexual prowess, he was flirting with Dominican singer Natti, who wished him a happy Father’s Day while singing the praises of his fathering skills…after asking him out on a date, of course.


Are Evelyn Lozada and Rob Kardashian the next "it" couple?


2. She has a lot of beef with her former flames.

One of the reasons she was both loved — and hated — on Basketball Wives was because she was completely unafraid to speak her mind.

And, according to Atlanta Black Star, Evelyn Lozada has no problem spilling the tea on her exes — namely, by going into detail about how much she hates them.

She said that her marriage to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson ended after only two months because he head-butted her. But that said, she wasn’t averse to getting married again. She also admitted that no man would love her as much as she loved herself, and that she really hated her ex-fiancé, Carl Crawford, because he was unfaithful to her.


“Girls would be looking forward to CC parties every offseason. He would pay to fly girls out, put them up in hotels, two to a room. A girl could make $2500 a night just for dancing and if he liked you, he would bring you back the next night. If he REALLY liked you, you could make even more money to do a little extra,” reported the outlet.

Evelyn Lozada doesn't tend to remain friends with her exes...for good reason. 

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3. And she has beef with Tami Roman, too.

According to BET, Evelyn Lozada hates Tami Roman as much as she hates Carl Crawford, which is a tall order, all things considered.

“I'm 'toxic' but you got on national tv & fake cried to the world saying I told you I was the one that hit my ex-husband to cover your a*s for your domestic violence comments?!" she wrote. "You avoided me because you didn't want me to expose all of the #FakeNews you put out into the universe for attention." She went on accuse Roman of lying about having a miscarriage, faking a heart attack and having diabetes,” reported the outlet.

Well, alright then.

Now Rob...you know you're not right for this...


4. Evelyn Lozada has had well-documented issues with fertility.

According to a different report for Atlanta Black Star, one of the things that makes Evelyn Lozada so relatable is the fact that she, like many women today, have issues with fertility. To her credit, she jokes about it from time to time, which adds a little levity to the situation.

“Fertility woes continued to plague the star after she welcomed Leo. The star visited with her gynecologist on her short-lived reality show “Livin’ Lozada” and sobbed about the value of having another child with her then-fiancé,” reports the outlet.

It will be interesting to see if anything develops between the two reality stars.


Evelyn Lozada also wrote a book. 

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