Who Is Natti Natasha? New Details On The Dominican Singer Rob Kardashian Flirted With On Twitter

It started with a retweet and an "Oh Hi."

Who Is Natti Natasha? New Details On The Dominican Singer Rob Kardashian Flirted With On Twitter Instagram

Rob Kardashian is flirting with Dominican pop reggaeton singer Natti Natasha on Twitter and fans are losing their minds — and not in a good way. I mean, it's good he's getting out there again after the whole mess with Blac Chyna but fans are not having it. Rob retweeted a selfie of Natti naked with her long dark hair covering her chest and wrote "Oh hi" over it. Fans immediately implored him to not go there. One Twitter user wrote: "Rob not in public." One of Natti's fans wrote to Rob: "Leave the queen alone." Someone else said: "Go away Rob." Y'all it was not pretty. For what it's worth, Natti made sure the Twitterverse knew this wasn't one-sided by retweeting a post from Rob and captioning it: "My Rob." Who is Natti Natasha and does anyone else think she looks just like Rob's sisters?


1. She is from the Dominican Republic

Natalia Alexandra Guiterraz Batista was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic on December 10, 1986. She started singing in church as a small child, and after her mother realized how talented her daughter was, she enrolled her in the School of Fine Arts of Santiago. She counts Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill among her influences. She is a vegetarian. She released her debut album, Illuminati on February 15th.


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2. Don Omar is her mentor

Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer Don Omar took Natti Natasha under her wing early in her career. One of his talent scouts saw Natti's band D'style and she was quickly brought to New York City to work with him at his studio. The two recorded and released a single "Dutty Love" in 2012.



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3. Her collaborations

Natti isn't afraid to branch out and collaborate with other artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Bad Bunny and Becky G. Her single "Me Gusta," released in December 2018, was co-written by the Latin music icon Daddy Yankee.



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4. She is the most watched woman on YouTube

You read that correctly. Natti had more than 4.52 billion views of her videos in 2018 alone — that's more than Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. She has more than 14 million followers on Instagram.

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