Terrelle Pryor Violently Stabbed By Girlfriend In Domestic Violence Incident; Both Arrested

He lost 3.5 liters of blood.

Who Is Terrelle Pryor's Girlfriend? New Details On Shalaya Briston And His Arrest For Assault Instagram

NFL free agent Terrelle Pryor was moved out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a Pittsburgh area hospital on Tuesday, December 3 after sustaining stab injuries from a domestic dispute. 

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The altercation was with his girlfriend Shalaya Briston on November 30th, which required emergency surgery.

A video was shared  of Pryor in good spirits, thanking the medical staff as he was wheeled to another part of the hospital. 

Both Pryor and Briston have court hearings on the case scheduled for Dec. 12.

Who is Terrelle Pryor's girlfriend — Read on to find out more information about the details of the incident

1. The two fought the night prior

On the night prior to the incident Briston and some friends went to dinner and after a disagreement, Pryor decided to head home while the others stayed out to party. Briston and her two friends went to Pryor’s apartment, but he tried to get them to leave which caused an argument. The police report states that one of the women hit Pryor in the face which escalated into an altercation, leading Briston to grab a from the kitchen and stab Pryor. Witnesses told police he “always had his hands all over her.”


2. Briston took Pryor to the hospital

Pryor’s girlfriend and her friends, who were involved in the altercation, were the ones who reportedly took Pryor to the hospital. They then "shoved" him out of the car onto the sidewalk and attempted to flee. Reportedly, one of the women said: “The only reason I’m here was to make sure that he didn’t die” and “We should have just let him die.”

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3. Who is Shalaya Briston?

Briston, like Pryor, is a native of Pittsburgh who graduated from Temple University. It is unknown when she started dating Pryor, but multiple outlets report that the two lived together in the apartment where the incident happened. They were not "Instagram official."

4. Pryor shared a photo of his injuries

On Tuesday, December 3 TMZ shared a full-body photo of Pryor in the hospital which showed just how many injuries he sustained. Pryor captioned the post: “Life crazy man… was coded twice before I came back alive. Stared death in the eye where my son was born. God is good! Just got out ICU for 4 days!”


5. Pryor lost 3.5 liters of blood

Terrelle Pryor experienced a very near-death experience and lost 3.5 liters of blood within just minutes of being stabbed. The stab wound was "very deep” above his left pec that just missed a major artery but hit a big vain. For reference, most people Pryor's size have about 5.5 liters of blood. 

6. Both Briston and Pryor were charged in the incident

Shalaya Briston was charged with felony attempted homicide and aggravated assault. Briston was denied bail and is being held in jail. Pryor was charged with misdemeanor assault. 


7. Briston was harmed too

As it turns out, Pryor wasn’t the only one harmed. Police noticed that two of Briston’s false fingernails were missing and there was a bruise on her nose, which they believed was from the fight with Pryor.


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