Rapper Gorilla Zoe Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges — What We Know

He told the cops, "My name is Gorilla Zoe. You know me, I'm a rapper."

Who Is Gorilla Zoe? New Details On Rapper Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges Instagram

Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe was recently arrested for domestic violence after getting into a physical altercation with his girlfriend. While getting booked, the rapper told the cops, "My name is Gorilla Zoe. You know me, I'm a rapper."

According to TMZ, the incident occurred on his hotel balcony Sunday morning, November 3, in Monroe County, Florida after La Siesta Resort’s security called the police. Zoe attempted to shove his girlfriend back into the hotel room, pushing her to the ground, but she was able to lock him out on the balcony while she was in the room. Zoe’s girlfriend reportedly told the police, “We always drink and argue, nothing more. He’s never gotten physical with me,” according to Hip Hop Wired.


Zoe was then arrested for misdemeanor battery. He was booked and released an hour later on $2,500 bond. Zoe’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for November 20. 

Who is Gorilla Zoe? 

1. He made a song with Lil Wayne

A resurgence in Gorilla Zoe’s career occurred in 2009 after the release of his song "Lost," featuring Lil Wayne, which is featured on the album Don't Feed da AnimalsThe official music video currently stands at over 8 million views and has over 96,000 likes.


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2. He released one mixtape a day for an entire month

According to Hip Hop DX, the rapper released one mixtape per day, for the entire month of February 2010. When asked what his favorite mixtape is of the 28 released, he replied “They all got jewels on them, every last one of them got a jewel on them, and some got more than others. Definitely after the 28 mixtapes are done I’m going to compile my own personal out of all of them, now that’s going be crazy.”

3. He lost over 60 pounds and people thought it was plastic surgery

"It’s all-natural,” the rapper told DJ Smallz in an interview. “My highest weight was 276. I got down to 207,” he said. The rapper shared that understanding his body by considering calorie intake and a healthy diet were what helped him develop a healthier lifestyle and achieve weight loss. He said transitioning into becoming a vegan also helped him significantly as well as working out.


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4. In 2015, he shared that he believed rap controlled pop culture

According to an interview with VladTV, Gorilla Zoe believes rap and hip hop music heavily influences pop culture and the way people apply it to their own lives. “The truth is, urban Rap is pop music,” Gorilla Zoe says. “It’s a young culture but the culture is so explosive. It’s past pop. The culture of Hip Hop is pop. It controls almost [how] the whole world of a certain age dresses, period. It changes the way people talk in their dialect and their language, especially now with social media.” He continued, “Back in the day, it would take ten years for that word to spread or that dance or that movement. But now, you can actually see the impact of our culture and it’s pop. They’re like, ‘It’s not pop, it’s urban.’ Like, ‘Nah, Rap is pop. Hip Hop is pop.’ It’s popular, that’s what pop is.”

5. He released his solo debut album in 2007

According to Music Garden Bands, Gorilla Zoe released his debut single as a solo rapper, "Hood N***a," shortly followed by his solo debut album Welcome to the Zoo in 2007. His first album as Jeezy's replacement in Boyz n da Hood, "Back Up n da Chevy," was released next, also in 2007. 


6. He peaked at #18 on Billboard 200

According to Billboard, after Gorilla Zoe released his first single "Hood Figga" it topped the Billboard 100 at #38 on June 19, 2007, and his first solo album, Welcome to the Zoo peaked at #18 on the Billboard 200, #8 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and #3 on Top Rap Albums.

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