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Meet Ana De Armas — The 31-Year-Old Actress Ben Affleck Is Rumored To Be Dating

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Who Is Ana De Armas? Ben Affleck Rumored To Be Dating No Time To Die Bond Girl

Cuban actress Ana De Armas has been scoring major roles right and left.

Having been cast in blockbusters such as 2017's Bladerunner 2049 and upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die, currently set to be released in 2020, she is an actress to watch.

And now, we've learned she may also be dating costar Ben Affleck.

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The 47-year-old Oscar winner and 31-year-old Armas met when in discussions about their new film, Deep Water.

“They hit it off when they first met about the movie, and things have really heated up since they started working side by side,” a source told Life & Style, “Ana admired Ben’s work, but she had no idea how smart, engaging and handsome he was in person. She’s definitely smitten, and so is he.”

Who is Ana De Armas and is she dating Ben Affleck? Here's what we know.

1. Ben's tough times

Ben Affleck has not had an easy couple of years.

In 2018, he split from "SNL" producer girlfriend Lindsay Shookus after a year of dating, then reportedly relapsed into alcoholism and checked into rehab for recovery. It was his third stint in treatment to battle his addiction.

He and Shookus got back together for a short time in 2019, but sources said the distance between then was more than they could manage.

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2. Affleck was allegedly spotted on an app known as "Illuminati Tinder"

In October, rumors started circulating that Ben was getting back on the dating scene, reportedly using Raya, an elite dating app, to meet people.

The app, which has been dubbed Illuminati Tinder, is described as "“an exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries ... Members are admitted by a secretive, anonymous committee, based in part on their Instagram presence."

For his part, Affleck used the blind item about his online dating activity to draw attention away from his love life and onto a worthy cause.

Tagging Raya on Instagram, he wrote "HA, you got me. I’m dating. But let’s be serious for a moment and talk about something that is actually important. I have been in recovery for over a year and part of that is helping out others. @themidnightmission is an incredible organization that helps those in need with housing, training, development and recovery. I’m making a donation today because there are people battling addiction every day that don’t have the resources and need help. @raya, you in? Who else is with me? Click the link in my bio to donate."

3. Affleck is currently filming Deep Water

When not months trolling apps and fundraising for his pet causes, Affleck Is back at working doing what he does best: acting.

He's been spotted in New Orleans filming Deep Water, an erotic thriller based on the novel of the same name. Affleck plays a man who agrees to accept his wife's extramarital affairs in order to avoid a divorce, then becomes the prime suspect as her lovers begin to disappear.

Ana De Armas has been cast as his wife, which brings us to ...

4. Who is Ana De Armas?

The actress is originally from Cuba, where she studied at the National Theatre School of Havana. She graduated at 18 and started working in films in her own country and later in Spain.

In 2014, she moved to L.A. to pursue a career in Hollywood. She appeared in Bladerunner 2049, where she played virtual girl Joi, is slated to appear in the upcoming 007 feature No Time To Die and she's doing a turn as Norma jean Baker, aka Marilyn Monroe, in Blonde, due out next year.

5. Her past relationships

Ana was married to Spanish actor and model Marc Clotet from 2011 to 2013, and was seen cozying up with Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez for awhile.

She is also rumored to have dated CAA talent agent Franklin Latt for a bit in 2016.

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6. Are Affleck and De Armas dating?

Ana and Ben are playing husband and wife, albeit in a very unconventional relationship, in Deep Water, and it's been reported that something more might be going on than just acting.

Photos of the two show them looking pretty cozy, with Ben wrapping an arm around Ana, but it's unclear whether the photos were taken while they filming and literally pretending to be a married couple.

"Their flirting is obvious to everyone on set,” the source said. “They have lunch, they laugh — they’re just really natural together. They look and act like a real couple.”

Well, they are actors, right? So ...

7. What comes next for the costars?

Neither of the stars has directly confirmed or denied anything about their presumed romantic relationship.

They're still in production on the movie so they'll be spending even more time together, and then they'll need to promote the film, which is due for release in November 2020.

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