10 Reasons Why Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Were Doomed

Even Daredevil himself could have seen this coming.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner from Daredevil 20th Century Fox

Well, romance has once again died in Hollywood. Ben Affleck has announced that he's getting divorced from Jennifer Garner. My first reaction was "Oh yeah, those two are married. Well, were married." It's not that I forgot that they were married, but I also didn't really remember it either.

Affleck and Garner never really became a Hollywood power couple. They were more like a Hollywood running on fumes couple. I mean, they were married for 10 years! During that time, Affleck went from being an A-list celebrity to a has-been and then back to being an A-lister. Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner is the new spokeswoman for some airline website or credit card or something and is mainly a housewife. It's been an eventful decade for the couple.


Neither one has commented on why they're getting divorced, but we can figure it out. The tabloids have speculated that it stems from Ben Affleck's alleged gambling and cheating vices, while body language experts (read: people with eyes) think Jennifer Garner was always just way more into him than he was into her, while more still note that both parties likely began their relationship by cheating on their previous partners. So it's pretty obvious, really. But if you need help, here are 10 more reasons why the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner romance was doomed from the beginning!

1. They met on the set of "Daredevil."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner from Daredevil 20th Century Fox

Nobody walked out of Daredevil saying anything positive about it, but the lack of chemistry between Affleck and Garner on screen was a major flaw in the movie. If they can't even act like they're attracted to each other, that's probably not a great start to the relationship.


2. He had better chemistry with other actresses.

Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler from Armageddon Touchstone Pictures

Seriously, he was better at pretending to be love with people he wasn't actually in love with. I'm still crying over the ending to Armageddon.


3. They were just always awkward.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner from PRphotos.com PRPhotos.com

Even on the red carpet, they don't look comfortable together. Seriously, this looks more like two coworkers that barely know each other posing for a forced picture than a happily married couple.


4. His career was doing better than hers...

Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini from Surviving Christmas Dreamworks Pictures

For a long time, this photo perfectly summed up Ben Affleck's career. Just standing there like a dope while something awful happened around him. The thing is, since getting together, he's always had a much better career than Garner. That can't feel good for anybody.

5. This is his 'O' face.

Ben Affleck from Pearl Harbor Buena Vista Pictures

Look at that face. Rumor has it that's the same face Affleck makes when he's getting intimate. There's only so much of that a woman can take.


6. He just wasn't her Superman... or anybody's.

Ben Affleck from Hollywoodland Universal Studios

Ben Affleck keeps trying to be superheroes, and it never works out. Meanwhile, Garner successfully played a super spy on TV for a long time. I bet Affleck just couldn't stand that, growing more and more jealous, building resentment in his soul, creating a void that no cape or pair of tights could fill ... until he got cast as Batman and stopped caring about everything, including his marriage.

7. "BenJen" wasn't as catchy as "Bennifer."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez from Gigli Columbia Pictures

Jennifer Garner is the second famous Jennifer in Affleck's life. For whatever reason, the relationship between Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was just way more interesting (maybe because J.Lo has a personality?). The tabloids named the couple Bennifer, which is so much better than what he got for his relationship with Garner (BenJen).


8. He doesn't know how to talk to children.

from Jersey Girl Miramax Films

Here's a picture of Ben Affleck holding a meeting with two children. Ugh, come on Ben, children don't want to sit through meetings! That's not the guy to start a family with!

9. He kept using that awful Boston accent.

Ben Affleck from The Town Warner Bros.

Affleck is grew up in Massachusetts, but he still can't pull off a Boston accent. He keeps doing it though, so he clearly thinks he's pulling it off. I bet the marriage ended because Garner finally snapped and told him the truth. Affleck was probably like "What?! Geet outta heyah!"


10. Their faces didn't fit together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner from SNL NBC

Not judging them, but both of them have very weirdly shaped faces. Based on this photo of them kissing, it looks like their faces just couldn't properly connect. Their gigantic jaws probably kept getting in the way.