What Does It Mean To Have A Venus In Gemini, Per Astrology

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Venus usually deals with matters of the heart, but when Venus is in Gemini or the 3rd house of astrology, it's all about matters of the mind.

Geminis who are usually known for their indecisiveness will find long moments of clarity during the passing of Venus.

What does it mean when your Venus sign is in the 3rd house or in Gemini?

This will also be a time of deep thought and an introspective look at your relationships.


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You will find that communication will be a lot easier because Venus will help you to experience your emotions while Gemini is there to help you sort through them.

Think of these two as a power couple. One of them a planet, the other a sign, one heart, one head but they come together to help you sort out all of your emotional baggage.


When Venus enters Gemini, a world of possibilities opens up to us. Our impulsivity becomes more thoughtful and bears more deeply planned out choices.

We don’t lose our sense of adventure or our love of variety, but it all becomes more thoughtful and more organized.

Connections made during this time will usually be healthy choices for our well-being.

Instead of being attracted to someone for physical and superficial reasons, we will feel ourselves being drawn in more by their minds.

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We will find the appeal of a person in their thoughts and words. We will want to be challenged and we will want to challenge.


Existing relationships can tend to feel stale. It is important that while Venus is in Gemini that you step out of your comfort zone.

Plan a trip or take up a hobby together. It is a great time to bench your routine and do your best to surprise each other. Keep each other on your toes.

People who were born with Venus in Gemini tend to be very social. They can talk to anybody and fit into any social setting.

They are open to new ideas and are up for anything. They like a lot of variety and enjoy keeping things light and airy.

They don’t like to talk about things that are too intense or dark. They are also very optimistic. They also feel like they are a bit two-sided.


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Taking on the true spirit of the twin, people born with Venus in Gemini will feel like they display a very positive image to the world but have darkness in their hearts.

They feel like what the present to the world isn’t truly who they are.

They can become overwhelmed by the idea that their unhappiness is being masked by their eagerness to have a good time.

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Those born with Venus in Gemini are very headstrong when it comes to love. They are cerebral and un-impulsive.


They will really lean into their brand and be very indecisive and non-committal. It will take a LOT to get someone born with Venus in Gemini to commit.

The kind of people that attract those born during this time are going to be free spirits. Usually very optimistic, upbeat and unpredictable.

They want someone that will keep them on their toes and help them to evade boredom at all costs.

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