Why Lil Wayne And Omarion Are Feuding — Again

Now what's the problem, guys?

Why Are Lil Wayne And Omarion Feuding Again? All The Messy Details Instagram

Another day, another rap feud, but this one has spanned the course of a few years — more than ten, to be exact! Sheesh — make like Frozen and LET IT GO already! Why are Lil Wayne and Omarion feuding again?

Neither Omarion nor Lil Wayne need any introduction. Though Omarion is perhaps best known for his work in the pop group B2K, he's been in the news as of late because he's been caught in the crossfire between his ex-boo/baby mama, Apryl Jones, and her new man/his ex-bandmate, Lil Fizz. And Lil Wayne is a legend in modern hip hop, who may not have the "cleanest" of backgrounds in the love department (four kids, four baby mamas, jeez sir!), he's someone who's single-handedly responsible for breaking Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga into the mainstream of popular music culture. For Drake alone, Lil Wayne deserves nothing but our props. 


So let's look at what we know about this latest feud between the two. 

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1. Back in 2009, Omarion told MTV he has "nothing but love" for Lil Wayne. 

So here's the backstory: back in the day, when Young Money was the hottest record label in the rap game, Lil Wayne signed Omarion to the label, presumably to help him get away from the boy band reputation. And according to MTV, it didn't take long for Omarion to split from the label. Despite his departure, Omarion told the outlet in 2009 that he had "nothing but love" for Lil Wayne, and insisted that he was the one who wanted to be released from the label to "pursue other opportunities." 


2. That was then, this is now. 

It may have been all love then, but it's not all love now. Omarion told Hot 97 that despite "squashing it" years ago, he and Lil Wayne have beef.

Really, though, sir? All these years later and you're bringing it up? Okay. 

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3. Omarion claims he and Lil Wayne got into a physical altercation. 

Omarion sat down with VladTV and said the real reason he left Young Money back in the day was because his advance check didn't come. "I was looking to find a new home, so to speak, more of a partnership aspect to my business. So I signed a deal with Young Money, and it was an exciting thing. Basically, long story short, what happened was when I signed my deal I was supposed to get my advance. And the lawyers were talking, and basically, upon signing you’re supposed to get the advance in a specific time. Within that time, my check didn’t come," he said to the outlet. 

Check out the video of him talking about it below. 

4. He was only signed to Young Money for two months. 

Hello Beautiful reports that Omarion may have feuded with Lil Wayne a little too temporarily. The outlet reports that he was only signed to the Young Money label for only two months before he split, and that it was Young Money artist Mack Maine who announced his departure on social media, so maybe he needed to chill out a little bit. 

5. Omarion said that Lil Wayne is a great artist, but a lousy business man. 

In a follow-up interview with Vlad TV, "he explained that it had nothing to do with Lil Wayne. Omarion went on to say that Young Money was a collective of creatives, adding that Lil Wayne didn't feel like his boss in the situation."

6. Is this another Love & Hip Hop storyline?

Listen, we already know that Omarion does everything for the cameras, so maybe this re-ignited "beef" with Lil Wayne is nothing more than a ploy to get more ratings on Love & Hip Hop. Hell, look at the mess with his ex-bae and ex-bandmate!


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