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Apryl Jones, Omarion's Ex Bae, Finally Admitted To Being In A Relationship With Lil Fizz

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Are Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones Dating? New Details On Rumored Relationship Between Rapper And Omarion's Baby Mama

In today's episode of "As The Hip-Hop World Turns," it seems as though Omarion's ex-bae, Apryl Jones, has finally admitted that she left Omarion and has taken up with another rapper. But if this was an attempt to make Omarion jealous, it didn't seem to work. So are Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones dating?

Love it or hate it, Love & Hip Hop is one of the most popular shows on VH1 today. It's a trending topic every week when it airs, and there's gossip about it for weeks on end thereafter. The hottest storyline now involves rapper Omarion and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Apryl Jones, with whom he has two children. 

Well, after weeks of building it up on the show, and asking the question of are-they-or-aren't-they, Apryl Jones has finally admitted that she and Omarion are no more, and that she's taken up with ... Lil Fizz?! Wait, what?

Let's look at what we know about this relationship. 

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1. They were first suspected of getting together while B2K was on tour. 

According to Hot 97, the timing of Apryl Jones' relationship with Lil Fizz was always a little suspect, because the rumors about them "sneaking away" and getting together began when Omarion went on a reunion tour with his old band, B2K. Incidentally, Lil Fizz was also in B2K with Omarion ... wanna guess how he met Apryl? Sheesh. 

2. Another Love & Hip Hop cast member confirmed that Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones were dating. 

Hip Hop Wired talked to Moneice Slaughter, who is another cast member on Love & Hip Hop, and she also happens to be Lil Fizz's baby mama. She told the outlet that while she could confirm they were dating, their reasons for getting together are less than altruistic. "What makes this situation so offputting for me, from what I know [Fizz] did not pursue a friendship with Apryl until he and O fell out. I think initially that was their common ground. I think that they bond over having a common disdain for [Omarion]," she said.

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3. Apryl Jones said that Lil Fizz is "deserving of the [vagina]."

Well. Alright then. Check out the video below, wherein Apryl Jones confirms that Lil Fizz deserves.

4. When they confirmed their relationship, fans of the show blasted them for "disloyalty."

According to Atlanta Black Star, when Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones confirmed their relationship, many fans of the show took to various message boards to blast them for "disloyalty." The outlet reports that many fans felt that they shouldn't have gotten together because Omarion and Lil Fizz have been friends for many years, and they should have stuck together rather than split themselves up over a woman. 

5. But Apryl Jones really doesn't care what anyone has to say about her relationship with Lil Fizz. 

"Season 6 is my comeback season. I feel like what they can expect is just the real Apryl. I feel like when I was on Love and Hip Hop before, I was in a relationship, I was pregnant and I couldn’t really have fun. I wasn’t really filmed with all of the other cast members, so this is me finally as a mom but stepping back into the L.A. life, working, hustling and getting my groove back; you know, feeling sexy, just being bomb, living my best life," she told Madame Noire exclusively. 

6. And how does Omarion feel about all this?

"She's a grown woman," he told BET.com exclusively, referring of course to Apryl Jones. 

Well ... congratulations to the happy couple, we guess?

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