Rapper Trina Goes Off On Woman In Walmart Who Called Her N-Word: Watch

A white woman used a racist slur against the rapper.

Who Is Trina? New Details On Rapper Who Went Off On Woman In Walmart Who Called Her N-Word Instagram

Even famous people find themselves dealing with racism and ignorance sometimes. Rapper Trina faced just such a situation over the weekend. The Diamond Princess rapper was out at WalMart, apparently minding her own business and doing a little shopping when she got into an altercation with another customer of the store.

In a now-viral video, Trina is seen shouting down a woman who called her the n-word. The singer was justifiably enraged and was daring the woman to repeat herself. The confrontation never escalated beyond words but someone called the cops anyway. Police spoke with Trina who declined to file a formal complaint. The officers didn't speak with the other woman.  


Who is Trina? Read on for all the details. 

1. Trina's early years

Trina is a native of Florida and she started her career writing rhymes for other musicians. Once she started getting noticed for her lyrics, she got a record deal and made her first album, Da Baddest Bitch in 2000. The album stayed on the Billboard charts for 39 weeks. Since then she had put out five more studio albums. Her most recent record, The One came out in June 2019 and marked her first album in nine years. 


Over the years, Trina has racked up tons of award nomination including nods from BET and the SoulTrain Awards and she has won two ASCAP Awards, two BMI Awards, and one Billboard Music Award. She also starred in the first season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami in 2017.



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The rapper has had a long successful career.

2. The Walmart incident

Trina hit the  Walmart in Cooper City, Florida on Saturday morning to get a few things. The star was dressed casually like she was just running errands on a weekend. According to BET, witnesses say she accidentally bumped into another shopper as she made her way down one of the aisles. The woman, who is white, then told the rapper to watch out and called her the n-word. 


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3. Trina starts shouting

Being called a racial epithet didn't sit well with Trina and she let the woman who said it have it. In a video of the moment, Trina can be seen confronting the woman and yelling at her. "Say it again!” Trina shouts in the clip. “Say it a-muthfuckin-gin. Say it again! Say it again you dirty ass bitch. I am a n***er bitch! I am that bitch! I dare you to say it! I dare you to muthafuckin’ say it. Call who you wanna call!”

It didn't look as if anyone was threatening to get physical in the moment. Bystanders were simply watching and Trina didn't touch the other woman. The entire altercation was verbal. Police showed up once the shouting died down and spoke with Trina, who didn't want to file any charges. They did not, however, talk to the woman who was being racist to the rapper. 

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4. Still grieving her mother

If anyone thinks Trina was being hypersensitive, it bears remembering that she is going through a rough time personally. Her mother passed away from cancer back in September and the loss has affected her deeply. In the weeks after her mother's death, she took to Instagram to offer a heartfelt thanks to her fans for their love and support. "I can write a two-page letter on how appreciative and grateful I am for all of the love, prayers, gifts, calls, texts and more that I have received during this time," she wrote. "And I thank you all. I wish I can name every single person that has been in my corner during this time, but I can’t even imagine how I would put them all in just this one post. I am so thankful for my Rockstarrs globally who have sent me prayers and who continue to support me: it gives me motivation day by day.”



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Trina with her late mother.


5. Reconciling with Lil' Kim

In October, she and Lil' Kim were supporting each other backstage of a show on the night Kim's father died. The shared experience of mourning a parent drew them back together after years of not being close. In a post about the night, Kim said "She comforted me and it was exactly what I needed in that moment. It’s as if her Mom and my Dad brought us together and healed our friendship. We both have angels watching over us." 

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6. Twitter supports Trina

Once the video went viral Trina's fans had nothing but support for her. One user on Twitter said "y’all are playing with trina.... in walmart... like she won’t drag you through the aisles and first hand embarrass you? fix it quickly."


Another user tweeted out "Rapper Trina bumped into someone in WalMart and got called an “N word b*tch” by the white shopper. Words were definitely exchanged afterwards and I’m surprised the woman walked away w/all of her teeth."

So far the rapper has not commented on the situation. 

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