To All The Fake Friends You Will Encounter In Your Lifetime

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Signs Of A Toxic Friendship And Why We Should Get Rid Of Fake Friends

By Skylar Jones

There’s nothing worse in life than a fake friend. I’m talking about those friends who seemed close until they did something nasty and manipulative to destroy you. 

I’m noticing these friends with disgusting, catty behavior more and more. And you know what? I have had enough of the bad, fake friends in the world. 

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I'm done with the fake friends who use you to get close to other people. I don’t care if they become friends with your friends, your cousin, boyfriend, or your niece. 

We thought our friendship was genuine. We accepted them into our group, but they only used us and cut us out of their lives while taking our other friendships with them. 

I'm done with the fake friends who prioritize their romantic relationships and cut off their friends for their significant other. Chances are, they only talk to their friends when there are problems in their relationship anyway and they make that very clear. They only return when they need to vent about their problems. 

This kind of person isn’t worth our time, because they only care about themselves.

I'm done with the fake friends who go after our men after a breakup or a failed almost relationship. They can’t see how much this hurts. Seriously, they’re disregarding your friendship for a boy who means nothing in the long-run? They showed their true colors, so stop letting them disrespect you.

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I'm done with the fake friends who become so caught up in their own lies that they lose themselves entirely. Do they honestly think anyone likes who they’ve become? Because we don’t. 

And we know this isn’t the real person. Social media or the judgement of others have altered their reality and the perception they give off is far from the truth. 

I'm done with the fake friends who are rude to your other friends and family. We welcomed them into our homes and we were vulnerable. 

Our families even welcomed them as their own. Yet, this is how they choose to repay everyone? They don’t just disrespect our family, but they disrespect us in the process. 

I'm done with the fake friends who love to "compliment" you. While it seems like they compliment you, their “kind” words often lead to something rude.  Sometimes, they disguise their insults as a joke, but we know they’re not kidding. They aren’t fooling anyone. 

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I'm done with the fake friends who know that a girl’s boyfriend, husband, or potential lover is cheating on them and don’t say anything. That karma will hit them so much harder than a fist ever will. Being the one who knows and says nothing is worse than being the girl who he’s cheating with, because chances are, he’s hiding it too well from her for her to even know. 

I'm done with the fake friends who take advantage of my friendship, because when I love somebody and cherish them, I expect the same in return. Silly me, right?

I thought the feeling was mutual. But, instead, they used my kindness and friendship while they were bored, lonely, and waiting for someone better. And that’s a kind of betrayal that will hurt more than a breakup ever will.

Friends should last for life. However, these people are not friends — they’re fake. And I hope others aren’t fooled by them as much as I was.

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Skylar Jones is a writer who focuses on friendship, relationships, and love. For more of her friendship content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.

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