Why YouTuber FaZe Jarvis Is Permanently Banned From Fortnite

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Who Is Faze Jarvis? New Details On YouTuber Banned From Fortnite

FaZe Jarvis, real name Jarvis Kaye, has been permanently banned from playing Fortnite after the company Epic Games discovered he used the cheating software aimbot to kill enemies. According to INews, “An aimbot is a software tool that allows players to shoot enemies without having to aim their weapon in video games.” It takes the opponents' information and exact coordinates in the game, allowing for an advantage to the aimbot user to accurately hit their opponent.

According to Polygon, now-deleted footage showed Jarvis never missing a shot in the game and Jarvis even confessed to using cheats to do so. Jarvis uploaded an apology video Sunday, November 3 confessing to his use of the software and requested players to be careful when playing the game so they don’t end up like him.

Many have come to Jarvis’s defense, but the Fortnite team seems pretty stern on their decision in his ban. The Fortnite terms of service note that the game forbids the use of “cheats, bots, scripts, or mods not expressly authorized by Epic,” especially anything that may give “you and/or another user an advantage over other players who do not use such methods.”

Jarvis has over 2 million YouTube subscribers with over 100 videos showing Fortnite content. He has regarded Fortnite as his main source of content. Hopefully, Fortnight can revoke the ban and instead give Jarvis a slap on the wrist because, in his apology video, he is having a hard time.

Who is FaZe Jarvis?

1. People are divided on the ban

Ever since the news emerged, people have either been for Kaye's ban or against it. Many have argued that the ban was done rightfully so because Kaye's reputation was built under false pretenses. Others argue that since Kaye is only 17, the ban is unfair and quite a harsh punishment. Here's what a few Twitter users had to say on the matter:

"What Jarvis did was obviously stupid. It was a mistake and the point has been made very clear. Fortnite is a huge part of his life and I just don’t see the punishment (destroying a 17-year-old kid's life) fitting of the crime. #FreeJarvis." — FaZe Banks (@Banks)

"It's disgusting to me that you want to call yourself a pro player in Fortnite but then are using aimbots and cheating. How so incredibly unfair to all the folks you cheated out of a spot and flat out unethical, I'm so glad they are getting banned and Epic is cracking down." — Steve Arhancet (@LiQuiD112)

"Seeing Jarvis break down about being perm banned is absolutely heartbreaking... I feel so bad and I wish he never made those videos." — The Fortnite Guys (@The_FortniteGuy)

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2. His older brother is a professional gamer and also a YouTuber  

Frazier Kaye, FaZe Kay, is Jarvis's older brother who currently has 3.55 million subscribers on YouTube. According to Heavy, Frazier introduced his brother to the streaming and gaming world back when the two streamed themselves playing Call of Duty together and filmed Q&As on Kaye's channel. 

3. His career really took off just last year

After Jarvis and his brother uploaded videos together online, Jarvis began making his own videos and streaming in 2018 after getting into the game of Fortnite, according to Metro UK. His YouTube channel grew in popularity quickly, leading him to secure his own professional contract with the FaZe Clan.

4. Jarvis Kaye joined FaZe Clan in April 2019

According to Heavy, back in 2014 Jarvis's brother FaZe Kaye was recruited by the FaZe Clan to live in the “Clout House” in Los Angeles and later recruited Jarvis to join him. 

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5. He credits his fame to Fortnite

In his apology video, Jarvis shared “The game is what’s helped me build my platform and has helped me meet the craziest and most awesome people that Id never dreamed of meeting. The amount of lifelong friends and the memories I’ve had from this game is amazing… it’s crazy that this game has brought people from different countries together.”

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6. Kaye said it didn’t cross his mind that using aimbot could lead to him being banned from the game

Although Kaye said in his apology video that he never used aimbot in a competitive game, it was enough to get him banned. He shared that he wished he read community rules and the terms and conditions more carefully because he genuinely had no idea it would lead to him getting permanently banned.

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