Who Is Drake's New Girlfriend, Imaan Hammam? Couple Spotted Canoodling In New York

Could Drake have a new girlfriend?

Who Is Drake's New Girlfriend, Imaan Hammam? Couple Spotted Canoodling In New York Getty Images

It seems like Drake is forever being linked to different women, but could he be in a new relationship right now — for real this time? 

Over the weekend, Drake was spotted out with a lady, sparking some serious dating rumors, but at this point, it's hard to say if there's any truth to them.

But who is Drake's new girlfriend, Imaan Hammam? Here's everything we know about her and her reported relationship with the rapper.


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1. Drake was seen leaving Hammam's apartment. 

Last week, Drake was spotted leaving Hammam's apartment after seemingly spending the night together ... and he left just a little while after Hammam was seen leaving herself. Apparently, they attended a Nike fashion show on Wednesday before hitting up the Flur Room later that night — where they were reportedly seen kissing, which is clearly a big deal — and he had a small overnight bag with him so it seems like he was planning on spending the night away from home all along. This is definitely very interesting!


2. Drake attended a major event with her over the weekend, too. 

On Friday night, Drake attended the launch of Hammam's capsule collection with Frame, which included her take on "a limited edition ready-to-wear collection featuring a range of iconic pieces representing her quest for freedom and diversity, channeling youth and empowerment." According to people at the event, Drake was seated with Hammam at her table, marking the second time they'd spent time together that week.

3. But who is Drake's new girlfriend, Iman Hammam? She's best known for being a model. 



A post shared by Imaan Hammam (@imaanhammam) on Jan 28, 2020 at 7:44am PST

Though the 23-year-old Hammam currently lives in New York, she's originally from Amsterdam. Her main gig seems to be modeling, and her Instagram page is totally flooded with professional photos that show off her talent. According to her social media, when she's not modeling, she's spending her free time with family and friends, especially her sister and fellow model, Aicha Hammam.


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4. She also works with She's The First. 

Hammam has She's The First tagged in her Instagram bio, which is an organization that helps girls and women worldwide get access to education that they may not have otherwise had. Hammam is a global ambassador for the organization, and she has spoken openly about what it means to her.

“An extraordinary woman does not put limits on what she can do,” she said in an interview in December 2019. “Society does enough of that, so we need to support each other to break those barriers.”

5. She and Drake both appear to be single right now. 



A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Feb 7, 2020 at 2:56pm PST

According to both of their individual Instagram accounts, it doesn't look like either of them are in a relationship. In fact, Drake doesn't show up on Hammam's Instagram recently ... and the same goes for her on his. Neither of them have confirmed or denied these relationship rumors, either, so if they are together, they're keeping things under wrap as much as possible — at least, for now.


6. Looks like those rumors about Drake and Rihanna reconciling probably aren't true.

Recently, there have been major rumors that Drake and Rihanna are dating again — especially after they were seen together at the Yams Day concert in Brooklyn last month. But if Drake is hanging out with women like Hammam, it would seem that their hangout was just a friendly one, and not romantic, like some fans speculated.

Time will tell if Hammam and Drake are an actual couple, though ... especially since Drake isn't one to publicly comment on personal things like this. Sigh.

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