Battery Charges Against Rapper Dave East Dismissed — Rapper Roasts TMZ For 'Three-Way Gone Wrong'

Messy, messy, messy!

Who Is Dave East? New Details On His Threeway Turned Misdemanor Battery Charge Getty 

As the Rolling Stones once said, "it's only rock'n'roll, but I like it!" In today's terms, though, it's only hip hop, but we like it. So who is Dave East, and why should you know what he's all about?

First coming to the attention of hip hop fans back in 2014, Dave Brewster Jr. — known to his fans as Dave East — first came to prominence off the success of his Black Rose mixtape. Thanks to becoming an underground sensation, the Harlem rapper not only signed to Nas's record label, but he was also named to XXL Magazine's Freshman Class in 2016. Recently, East got exposed to a whole new audience when he won the role of Shotgun (the Method Man avatar) in the hit Hulu series, Wu-Tang: An American Saga


Unfortunately, too, he has made the news recently because of his role in a "three-way gone wrong." Let's look at what we know about the rapper, this drama, and the end result of it all. 

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1. What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. 

Listen, if you're the type of person who wants to have a threesome, have a threesome. Just make sure all parties involved are consenting and above the age of consent and you're good to go. Unfortunately, according to The Source, Dave East allegedly got the "threesome" part right, but not much else. The outlet reports that, initially, Dave East was accused of assaulting one of the two women involved in the menage, which took place — where else? — in Vegas. Apparently, 50 Cent brought him out to perform at Drai's Nightclub (anyone familiar with Vegas is snickering right now), and it was there that East met up with the two women who would mess up his life...or at least, attempt to. 


2. Medical reports confirmed that Dave East was the one who was assaulted. 

"When he asked them to leave the hotel room, one of the women reportedly became irate and began throwing bottles, one of which struck East according to a medical report. A CAT scan revealed that East did indeed suffer a concussion after his attorney handed over paperwork to the authorities. As a result, East is off the hook for the battery charge and it looks like his story that nothing went down between the women added up," reported Hip Hop Wired.

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3. Dave East always maintained that he was the one who was assaulted and that the women's stories didn't make sense. 

In an interview with The Morning Hustle, Dave East called shenanigans on how the whole situation went down. Unfortunately, he wasn't believed at the time. Check out what he said to co-hosts Lore'l and Angie below. 

4. After the charges were dismissed, he roasted TMZ for their reporting. 

TMZ was one of the first outlets to report about Dave East's pending charges for battery, and it can be argued that they were a little bit irresponsible with their reporting. (Okay, a lot irresponsible.) When the charges got dismissed, East had a lot to say about the outlet, and none of it was good. Check it out below. 



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5. Dave East prefers to be known for his music. 

In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Dave East revealed that he met Nipsey Hussle before his untimely murder. The outlet reports that the two rappers were working on a collaborative project. The two met through the Crips gang (which they both, allegedly, were a part of). East also said that when Nipsey Hussle was murdered, he dedicated a few songs to him. 

6. He collaborated with Nas, recently, too. 

"Dave East has dropped off the new single “Godfather 4” featuring Nas. Produced by DJ Green Lantern, the song also features New Orleans brass band the Soul Rebels and famous jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold. The latest track is from East's forthcoming debut album Survival," reported Complex Magazine.


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