20 Best Lash Curlers For Extra-Long Lashes

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An eyelash curler is a great way to make eyes stand out, but the tools you use matter, as does the method. Sometimes, size does matter. When curling your lashes, don’t forget that your natural length plays a big role.

”For shorter lashes, choose lash lift and try the professional service first before DIY at-home kit,” says expert makeup artist, Luba Todorova, of Warren Tricomi Salon. But for thicker lashes, you can be more aggressive with a lash perm and maintain with lash curlers in-between visits. “The best way to curl your lashes without treatment (lash perm) is to use a combination of curlers and/or combination of a curler and curling mascara,” Todorova adds.


The best eyelash curler is one that lifts and separates lashes for a push-up effect, making your eyes feel and seem more awake. And it's also one of the most important beauty products to have in your collection.

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1. Lash Star Heated Lash Styler

“This unique 'Lash styler' tool has a ceramic rod and works the same way as a hair curler; it's also safe for extensions. They have a wonderful traditional curler and a mini one for a customized look, and it’s suitable for fake lashes,” Todorova says.

(Bloomingdales, $24)


2. Battington Lashes Lash Curler

Beautiful lash curler for luscious lashes. Effortlessly prep your lashes for voluminous results with the Battington Lash Curler. It gently lifts and curls eyelashes adding the look of length and volume.

(Aillea, $18)

3. Skinnydip Rose Gold Eyelash Curler


A supercute eyelash curler. This curler styles your lashes to perfection for a fuller and more dramatic finish, while looking totally chic in your makeup bag.

(Nordstrom, $14)

4. Japonesque Pro Performance Eyelash Curler

A top-rated yet budget friendly eyelash curler by Japonesque. And according to makeup artist Sue Perez, “It won't pinch the lash line and gives a perfect curl every time.”


(Target, $)

5. Sonia Kashuk Classic Eyelash Curler

Sturdy and stylish metal eyelash curler in gold finish lends chic appeal to your vanity counter. Super soft silicone pads are gentle on your lashes. Angled head allows perfect positioning along the lash line. Easy-hold handle ensures optimum control to prevent any slipping or sliding.


(Target, $10)

6. Crunchi Elite Eyelash Curler

Crunchi's Elite Eyelash Curler was created to exceed the standards of performance and take your lashes to the next level. The ergonomic design and no-slip lash grip results in dramatically lifted and curled lashes.

(Crunchi, $20)

7. Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler


A slim, stainless-steel eyelash curler for perfectly-curled lashes. This easy-to-use, award-winning eyelash curler is designed to catch each individual eyelash without pinching for the perfect eye-opening look. 

(Sephora, $21)

8. Suratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler

An ergonomic eyelash curler that gently bends and lengthens the lashes. Its hand-calibrated Japanese design and bouncy silicone pads require less force, so this cult favorite gracefully lifts, bends, and extends.


(Sephora, $34)

9. Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler

A next-level lash curler designed to curl hard-to-reach lashes for deep set and almond-shaped eyes. Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler features an extra-wide opening to volumize every lash.

(Sephora, $22)

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10. Laura Mercier Artist Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler designed for all eye shapes that is gentle on lashes to create the perfect panoramic curl. The unique wide angled curler is designed to lift and curl each and every lash. The double-handled grip provides optimal control to curl from the base of the lashes with a single squeeze.

(Sephora, $22)


11. Hourglass Eyelash Curler

An architectural eyelash curler designed to open the eye with lifted lashes. Reaching even the tiniest lash, this eyelash curler gently creates a soft curl with staying power.

(Sephora, $30)

12. Sephora Collection LashCraft Curler


The newly designed angle of this curler curves to the shape of your face and curls all the lashes, including the inner and outer corners. The head is designed to not crease, tug, or pull the lashes; there will be no pinching. The design of the handles helps to position your fingers.

(Sephora, $15)

13. Perfect Lash Mascara Set by Clé de Peau Beauté


A limited-edition set featuring a full-size Perfect Lash Mascara plus a cleanser, cashmere lipstick and cleansing foam, as well as a lash curler.

(Nordstrom, $92)

14. Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler that curls lashes from the roots. The edge-free design prevents pinching, while a broad curve curls all lashes from the inner to the outer corner in one squeeze.


(Nordstrom, $18.70)

15. Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler that helps to elongate lashes and open up your eyes.

(Nordstrom, $22)

16. Lash Star Stardust Lash Curler


A signature lash curler that will give your lashes the ultimate curl. Designed with a gentle pad that makes curling a cinch without any pinch, the shape of this curler is universal and works with most eye shapes. The beautiful handles offer a signature grip while adding elegance and style.

(Nordstrom, $25)

17. Tweezerman Neon Great Grip Eyelash Curler 


This neon eyelash curler curls lashes from base to tip creating a wide-awake look. Sleek, ergonomic design features a smooth opening and closing action for precise performance. Thick, rounded silicone lash pads are hypoallergenic and won’t crimp or stick to lashes.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

18. Maybelline New York Expert Tools Eyelash Curler


This eyelash curler gently lifts and curls lashes for a dramatic, wide-eyed look.

(Walmart, $5)

19. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Curved at an angle that suits all eye shapes. Silicone rubber pad releases the right amount of pressure to curl lashes.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

20. Covergirl Makeup Masters Eyelash Curler


This eyelash curler is budget-minded and easy to use, making it a gentle, simple way to curl lashes.

(Walmart, $3.94)

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