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Talent Runs In The Family! Meet Erin Andrews' Sister Kendra Andrews — Who's A Professional Dancer!

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Who Is Erin Andrews' Sister? New Details On Professional Dancer Kendra Andrews

Erin Andrews, 41, has the cutest relationship with her sister and only sibling Kendra Andrews. The two are three years apart with Erin being the older sister. Erin isn't the only Andrews girl who's good in front of the camera, either. Her sister Kendra, 38, is a professional dancer and actress. Hmmm. Could we possibly see two Andrews sisters on Dancing with the Stars? The Andrews sisters are playful with each other on Instagram, posting flashback photos of each other and the sister have a lot in common, too. Erin was a dancer growing up and Kendra followed in her big sister's footsteps by attending the University of Florida and then moving to Los Angeles. Their bond is undeniable and adorable. Who is Erin Andrews' sister? 

1. Early life

Like Erin, Kendra Andrews was born in Lewiston, Maine. She was two years old when her family moved first to San Antonio and then to Florida 18 months later for her dad's job as an investigative reporter for NBC affiliate WFLA-TV. Erin Andrews was on the dance team in high school and since Kendra grew up to become a professional dancer, we can assume that she also danced at the Brandon School of Dance Arts and on the Bloomingdale High School dance team. She also attended the University of Florida and graduated in 2004. Like her sister, she is tall. Kendra is 5'8. Erin is 5'10.

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2. She's a professional dancer

Kendra may look familiar to you and not just because she is related to Erin. She's a dancer and actress who has appeared in a number of films including 2010's Step Up 3D and 2011's Footloose. Not surprisingly, she played a dancer in both films. More recently, Kendra appeared in an episode of Masters of Sex. In 2018 she starred opposite Ethan Embry in Blindspotting


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3. She's philanthropic

Kendra has a giving nature to her and makes a point of helping others. An example of this was revealed last year when she discussed how she had been helping a young girl with movement therapy for two years. She posted a photo with the little girl on her Instagram account and captioned it: “Every week I visit her home and we do movement therapy. I help her lift and use her right leg and right arm while we listen to our favorite tunes. She helps me remember that there is little else in this life more important than our health and the love we give. Last night I saw her eyes light up as we sat in the audience of the Disney-themed Dancing With the Stars.” 

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4. Her latest role

On October 13, the movie Killer Contractor starring Kendra Andrews premiered on Lifetime. She was excited about the premiere of the movie and took to Instagram to share just a few days before the movie premiered. “Hi friends, our film, Killer Contractor, will be on @lifetimetv this Sunday, October 13th, at 8 p.m.!” she wrote at the time. “If you catch it, let me know your thoughts! I had a great time making this movie and I hope you enjoy the ride. #lifetime” Kendra plays the character Meghan in the film.


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5. She's super-close to her sister and parents

A quick glance at Kendra Andrews' Instagram account is all you need to see this lady loves her sister and parents. The bond the Andrews family has is undeniable and the family includes Erin's golden retriever, Howard. From holiday snaps on the beach in Hermosa Beach to throwback photos with her famous sister, Kendra definitely shares what and who's important to her on her social media. 

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6. She was in a serious car accident when she was 20

In July 2018, Kendra shared a photo on Instagram with a friend and revealed she had been in a life-altering car accident two decades ago. She captioned the photo: "Things I never saw coming at the tender age of 20: our short lives flashing before our eyes, a long hard-won battle with PTSD, and all the ensuing twists and turns. Years ago, this beautiful woman and I survived a car accident that altered our existence forever. Yesterday we were finally reunited. If you know me personally, you know I don’t like to take myself too seriously, especially on social media...because let’s face it...someone somewhere always has it harder than us and Instagram should never be a diary. But...this memory serves as a constant reminder that life is precious and fleeting, heroes are everywhere, and no day is guaranteed. I love you forever, Janet Claire."

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