Hannah Brown And Alan Bersten Spark Dating Rumors After Steamy 'Dancing With The Stars' Performance

Fans immediately noticed their chemistry.

Are Hannah Brown And Alan Bersten Dating? Rumors Spark After Steamy 'Dancing With The Stars' Performance abc

Just like Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons past, the 15th season yielded the same result: heartbreak. Bachelorette lead Hannah Brown had her heart broken not once, but twice!

Initially from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Brown was chosen to take a chance at love on her own terms. But things didn’t exactly pan out that way.

Her top pick, Jed Wyatt, wasn’t who he said he was; in fact, it was revealed he had a girlfriend while he was on the show! Seriously, what is wrong with him? If that wasn’t enough, her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, was seen quickly rebounding with model Gigi Hadid.


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Now that she’s had some time to heal, Brown made her debut on the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars, assigned to partner Alan Bersten. But fans immediately noticed an intense chemistry between the two while performing, leading people to speculate:

Are Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten dating?



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For Brown, she says the opportunity to compete on the show couldn’t have been timed better.


“I can focus all my energy into learning these dances but then also gaining back some of the confidence and strength that I’ve just been continuing to gain along this journey,” she told Fox News. “We’ve definitely been having to deal with those ups and downs in rehearsal and just allowing myself to feel good, to feel upset, and to just be able to use dance as almost like a therapy.”

And her partner, Bersten, added that he’s been doing what he can to keep her uplifted, revealing, “She doesn’t give herself enough credit. She is the hardest worker I’ve ever met. Her smile is infectious when we’re dancing and she gets some move. That makes me feel good. So I just want her to go out there and enjoy every moment of it. I'm going to make you fall in love with dancing and then I’ll help you get a man. I’m a wingman.”

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But could Bersten end up being more than just a wingman for Brown? During the September 16th premiere, the partners did a Cha Cha performance to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. And fans were quick to ship them.

“He’s really fun and can, like, sometimes make me laugh with his bad jokes. He’s hard on me when he needs to be hard on me, but then also I can be like hey, not right now. I think it’s just I want somebody to push me and he definitely pushes me, but we can also be friends and have fun and be silly and that’s what I need. I need an encourager but also somebody that will make sure I’m ready for the competition,” she said in an interview after their performance. 



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However, when asked if there’s a possibility of finding love while on the show, she said, “I have not thought about that at all. I’m truly just focused on continuing to love myself and see the places where I still need to work on that — and I think this is the way where I can do that.”


Alright, so maybe their chemistry will develop throughout the season. It’s only the first week, and there’s plenty of time to form a deeper connection. After all, Brown is single after a double heartbreak, and Bersten ended his relationship with Alexis Ren back in December.

For now, Brown is focusing on herself, and Bersten a great addition to boosting her confidence.

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