50 Positive Quotes From Different People Around The World

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50 Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle's Book, 'Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World'

It is really easy to get bogged down in all the negativity that is constantly being thrown our way in life. There's constant negativity, and it starts to affect our ways of thinking. Negativity can range from bullying in school to the harsh realities of life. It's easy to give in to negative thoughts and believe that we are going to amount to nothing. But that's not the case.

Silver Kalle decided to do something to bring positivity back into everyone's lives. He started the movement Join Positive Thoughts in September 2016 and he published a book, Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World, containing the quotes of people from around the world.


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Originally from Estonia, Kalle left in 2011 and started traveling with a rock band to different countries. He spent a lot of time living on the streets while trying to sell music to survive. Barely keeping himself afloat, he was never happy, so he left the band and made an album himself  but that didn't get him anywhere either.


Then when Silver Kalle returned back to Estonia, he started working and realized just how negative and dark the world is, and he wondered where the positivity in life is if there is constant negativity surrounding us. It was a depressing time for him so he thought, "What if I start asking random people on the street for positive thoughts. I will let them write something positive, something that inspires them or motivates others."

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Silver has traveled to 10 countries so far with the book, collecting life advice and positive thoughts from people all over the world, including people from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Lichenstein, Spain, Monaco, and France.


Eager to surround himself with positivity and preach it to others, he has people of all ages write in his book. Kalle says he wants to know what positivity means to random, average people, and that he wants to give people an outlet for sharing people's life experiences. "This book has been visiting people, from different stores, hotels, random people on the streets in different cities and countries."

He is starting up his quest for positive thoughts again after a short hiatus, but this time he is going to start recording videos as well. Kalle explained that his goal "is to shake the world. With positivity and living as an example that it is possible."

Positive quotes from his book are found below. 

1. What makes the best life.

Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World


"Cultivate love+joy+good digestion!"Heidi, 99 years old, Zürich, Switzerland, 2016

2. Live your life to the fullest.

"Our time on this earth is limited, don't live someone else's life, live by your vision." Désirée, 20 years old, Kilchberg, Switzerland, 2016

3. Don't lie with dogs.

"Don't wake up sleeping dogs." Daniela, 47 years old, Davos, Switzerland, 2016

4. Love, Love, Love.

"Love, but don't constrict anybody!"Katharina, 32 years old, Germany, 2016

5. Every day be happier than the last.

"Always start your day happier than the last one!"Raphael, 28 years old, St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2016

6. Live is a party.

"Celebrate your life because it's just a marvelous party." Kurt, 55 years old, Zurich, Switzerland 2016


7. Pain only lasts for a little while.

"Pain is temporary."Lona, 15 years old, Albania, 2016

8. Don't live your life on the sidelines.

"Don't dream your life. Live your dream!"Blanca, 29 years old, Spain

9. Be happy.

"Smile more." Garieri, 24 years old, Alessandro, Florida, 1990

10. Life is way too short.

Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World


"Enjoy every day! Life is so short!"Yanchen, 32 years old, China, 2016

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11. Make life interesting.

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk! Try things out!"Claudia, 25 years old, Liechtenstein, 2016

12. Stop and smell the roses.

"Look at the beautiful world around you!"Cara, 39 years old, Chicago, Illinois, 2016

13. Smiles will help you through.

"Take the moment as it is and smile." Patrick, Atlanta, Georgia

14. Dance, dance, dance.

"Shut up and dance!"Arnaud, 24 years old, France, 2016

15. Carry on.

"Take a breath and carry on." Anja, 17 years old, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016


16. You are stronger than you believe.

"Don't underestimate yourself!"Claudia, 43 years old, Buenos Aires, Argentina

17. Be open to new experiences.

"Always be open-minded and willing to discover new places/people/ cultures." Audrey, 23 years old, France, 2016

18. Share your positivity with others.

"Share positive energy and a lot of love!" Laura, 38 years old, Transylvania, Romania, 2016

19. You matter above all else.

"You matter. Unless you multiply yourself with the speed of light. Then you energy."Farah, 17 years old, Logatec, Slovenia

20. Stay strong.

Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World


"Keep your chin up!" Maxwell, 15 years old, Malaysia

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21. Let the light shine.

"Don't worry about the cracks — That's how the light gets in." James and Niely, 28 and 27 years old, New Zealand, 2016

22. Be happy.

"Keep smile and happy!!"Rattacha, 38 years old, Thailand

23. Love each other.

"We have to love each other and care about others." Adisa, 22 years old, Bosnia, 2016

24. Follow your own path.

"Go your own way."Chris, 26 years old, Bavaria

25. Have a good day.

"Wishing you a great day."Anderson, 25 years old, Nigeria, 2016


26. Peace and love is the start of what everyone needs.

"Peace and love from Israel."Liaf, Israel, 2016

27. Live your life properly.

"One life, live it properly!"Shayna, 23 years old, South Africa

28. Build a world of love.

"Being conscious and caring we will build a world of love, acceptance and happiness." Ana, 22 years old, Granada, Spain

29. You matter.

"You matter." Megan, 20 years old, California, USA

30. Be your dreams.

Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World


"Don't dream it, be it." Claudia, 22 years old, Granda, Spain, 2017

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31. Only you know what you want.

"Only you can realize your ideas. Go ahead!"Semen, 28 years old, Kiev, Ukraine, 2017

31. Learn from your mistakes.

"Life is a succession of failed repetitions. Letting go of these defeats allows you to embrace the flux of life."Gudmundur, 30 years old, Iceland

32. We are the same.

"All peoples can be the same in this world, now we can stop the discrimination and the fight between ourselves."Mamadou, 22 years old, West Africa

33. Learn something new every day.

"Live as if you're going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you're going to live forever."Marianne, 48 years old, Norway


34. Listen to yourself.

"Listen to your own voice, not others."Desiré, 31 years old, Sweden

35. Don't stand by and just watch.

"Do not stand by while others do evil."Pat, 46 years old, Bristol, UK

36. You have to look for happiness.

"There is always something to smile about, you just have to look in the right place." Katie, 22 years old, Edinburgh, Scotland

37. Stay positive.

"Positivity is the key to a happy life."Van, 29 years old, Vietnam

38. Love as you want to be loved.

"Love everybody like you would like to be loved."Emile, 17 years old, Denmark, 2017

39. You only live once.

"Enjoy every moment of your life, you will only live them once!" Aurore, 22 years old, France


40. Make every moment you have count.

Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World

"Don't count the days, make the days count."Cecilie, 18 years old, Denmark

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41. Give those who you love, everything you have.

"Love your closest ones and give them your time!"Matti, 29 years old, Finland

42. If you surround yourself with happiness, your days will be brighter.

"Fill your heart with joy, love, happiness and good people who make you laugh a little brighter." Cecilia, 18 years old, Sweden, 2017


43. Start with yourself.

"Make the world a better place — begin with yourself."Lars, 54 years old, Denmark, 2017

44. Be aware of the world around you.

"Don't talk too much, try to listen and observe your surroundings."Kasia, 26 years old, Poland

45. Inspire yourself with good people.

"Surround yourself with three types of people: 1. The Inspired 2. The Excited 3. The Grateful."Rae Greer, 24 years old, USA, 2017

46. Be ready for the future.

"Don't look back — the future is all that matters!" Nadia, 31 years old, Vienna

47. Don't get bogged down in the past.

"With all the bad, we must focus on the good." Amy, 16 years old, Canada


48. You have a chance to make your day worth while.

"Give every day a chance to become the most beautiful day of your life." Silver Kalle

49. Believe in who you are.

"It's never too late if you believe in yourself."Silver Kalle

50. Your fears do not take your strength into account.

Positive Quotes From Silver Kalle Join Positive Thoughts: Positive Thoughts From Different People Around The World

"Never trust your fears, they don't know your strength." Silver Kalle


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