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5 Signs You Might Actually Be A Bad Kisser

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Signs That You Might Be A Bad Kisser And How To Kiss Better

By Unwritten

We all know that kissing is showing our love and affection towards someone we love deeply.

Kissing is not just a physical activity — there are a lot of emotions and feelings associated with it.

If you’re a bad kisser, you may turn off the person you like.

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Moreover, there are many things that can go wrong while kissing your beloved, especially when you two meet and start dating.

It is essential to understand what makes someone a bad kisser and what you can do to avoid a bad reaction.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by bad kissers.

1. You find yourself having a teeth fight

Kissing is a two-way activity.

Thus, both participants should enjoy it.

You should be passionate while kissing, but also take note of not unintentionally creating a teeth fight while kissing.

This can be irritating and may lead to bites as well.

Hence, you should pay attention to their style of kissing.

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2. Most of your tongue is inside their mouth

It is also important to note how much your tongue is inside your partner’s mouth while kissing.

The tongue should just gently probe inside the mouth rather than exploring it completely.

Moreover, using too much tongue can make you a bad kisser.

3. Your lips are dry and chapped

If you are lips are chapped, the kiss won’t be as pleasurable as it could be.

To prevent that, try applying a lip balm or chapstick to keep them moist.

Juicy and plump lips provide an enhanced kissing experience.

Furthermore, pouty and smooth lips can elevate your kissing game and provide you with the desired pleasure while kissing.

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4. You have halitosis

Halitosis, or in other words bad breath, is a major turn off for everyone.

Therefore, you should always check how you smell before approaching your partner for a kiss.

Moreover, research says that the way you smell is a natural aphrodisiac.

So, make sure that you smell pleasant for your kissing partner.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get rid of that pesky bad breath.

Simply brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and carry mints.

5. You make bizarre sounds

You should avoid making bizarre sounds while kissing.

Making weird sounds can disrupt the flow of your kiss and defocus your attention.

Hence, you should try to be as natural as possible.

The zeal and passion should be maintained throughout the kiss.

Moreover, you should give your partner some time to take a breath.

Similarly to making noises, too many physical gestures can hamper your kiss as well.

Finally, openly communicating with your partner can help you learn about how they like to be kissed and what they expect from this experience.

Communication is the crust of everything, hence you should take the feedback from your partner and try to improve or keep doing what you were doing.

In turn, this will help you and your partner feel at ease with each other.

It also builds trust and strengths in your relationship.

If you feel like any of these signs apply to you, try working on your kissing technique.

However, remember that it’s never okay to plainly insult someone’s skills — an open and respectful conversation is always the key!

So, now, go out there and aim for the best kiss ever!

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