12 Things That Make YOU A Bad Kisser (Sorry!)

Don't make these mistakes, OK?

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Bad kissing comes in all farms. Sometimes it's compatibility, sometimes it's just ... you.


But don't worry, this doesn't mean you should give up on kissing all together! Practice makes perfect (winky face).

Here are some of the worst kissing offenses:

1. Hogging the bottom lip


This tends to happen in movie kisses too. Some people don’t know where else to go — the options can seem pretty limited. But sucking the bottom lip too much makes your partner even less capable of doing anything by keeping them in, quite literally, a lip lock. Worst of all, their lips can feel a bit numb afterward! Not so nice!

2. Slug tongue


Shy, second-guessing, or nervous about the use of tongues in general? You might be guilty of this without even realizing it. A partner can taste and feel the second-guessing, and maybe you’re worried about giving too much tongue, all the while not realizing that having an extra tongue laying in your mouth doesn’t give you much to work with, and isn’t all that sensual. Think of it this way: Would you want to suck on a dead or dying slug?

3. Window washer

If your partner resembles a kid that has recently grown out of being cool with a kiss on the cheek from their parents by wiping off their face, re-evaluate. A little lip licking can be fine, but circling all over the chin and cheeks is another thing.


4. Going too hard too fast

Person A: Wanna make out?

Person B: Su--

Persona A: POUNCE

Diving right in. We all get excited and kissing is fun, but don’t come at them like Superman sneaking up on Lex Luthor or something.

5. No tongue at all


There’s a time and place, but when you’re partaking in a longer kissing session, moving the lips this way and that can only be so fun. You like stimulating conversation, don’t you? Stimulate mentally, and physically!

6. Only the mouth all the time

Sometimes lips need a break. Don’t be afraid to make the experience more tender or sexy by kissing somewhere else a few times.


7. Bad breath

That caramelized onion burger might have tasted good originally, but it’s not what we ordered.

9. Whale mouth


You’re not kissing a whale. The lips are only a couple inches around. If you’re opening your mouth so wide that you catch their nose sometimes ...rethink your technique. And if your partner tries to match you, it’s just… blegh.

10. Tight-lipped


Please don’t use cartoons or The Little Rascals as reference for kissing. You’ve grown out of relying on those for life lessons, haven’t you?

11. Teeth bumping

Like me, I’m sure you hate the sound and feeling of teeth-scraping on forks, etc. Scraping against someone else’s teeth sucks too.

12. Digging


Not hot: Using lots of force or digging motions with your chin. Don’t be a gold digger. A good, deep kiss isn’t that deep.