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5 Ways To Show A Bad Kisser How To Do It RIGHT

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how to make a bad kisser better

A kiss is never just kiss

Very often a kiss is the very first clue we get as to whether or not we are romantically compatible with someone. A kiss can serve so many functions, we use it as a quick loving greeting, we use it as a sexual overture, we use it to comfort a loved one. Kissing is a huge part of our lives. 

That's what makes coming across a bad kisser so distressing. But here's the good news, kissing is a learned behavior. Nobody is born "bad" at kissing, we just pick up different habits from our experiences with different partners and (god help us) what we see on TV and in movies. 

If you meet someone and like them, you don't need to kick them to the curb just because their kissing skills are subpar. All it takes is a little patience and a lot of practice, and you can have the kisser of your dreams. Here's what you need to know. 


1. Be responsive to a bad kisser.

When you are actually locking lips with someone telling them what's working well can be uh, tricky. Yes, mouths have many different functions. We use them to talk, we use them to eat, and we use them to kiss. We don't often blend the three, because that can get messy. You can, however let your partner know you like what they're doing by how you respond.

Think about what a good kiss does to your body and how you express that in the way you kiss back. Don't fake it. A lack of response to a kiss is also physical feedback, and he'll sense the difference and adjust accordingly. 

2. Tell a bad kisser when something works.

You know when you CAN talk about kissing? When you aren't kissing.

If you love the way he gentle grazes your lips with his, remind him of this when you go to kiss him goodbye.

"That reminds me of the super sweet soft kiss you gave me last night, I can't stop thinking about it!"

We all love being praised. Being praised for our smooching abilities is as good as it gets. 

3. Be the leader and show him what good kissing looks like.

If he insists on jamming his tongue down your throat every time you lock lips, you can stop this behavior without stopping the hot action or bruising his ego. If he goes in for the full tongue attack, just gently pull back. Tease him, pull away. Then kiss him, resetting the entire make out experience.

He'll know you're into him and he'll be super eager to kiss you the way you like to be kissed.

Conversely you could just pretend to loudly choke on his tongue. Puke in the mouth might put him off puckering up for a while, though. 


4. Use your hands to show a bad kisser what to do. 

Is your slobbering, tongue-happy eager kisser too much for you to use such subtle tricks? This is what your hands are for.

He thinks you're just gently placing your hands on his face to pull him closer, and sure, that's part of it, but you can use your hands to adjust the amount of force he is kissing you with.

Your hands are his training wheels. His very, very sexy training wheels. 

5. Give a bad kisser constructive criticism.

The key to making him the kisser of your dreams is talking about the kissing you do when it's done.

I don't mean sitting him down to debrief, I mean being vocal after you make out about what you like and what you didn't like. You can be critical of his kissing as long as it's constructive and as long as you match those critiques with some praise, too.

"I love the way you nibble my lower lip, it's so hot, but sometimes the pressure is a little bit too much for you. I want to be able to keep enjoying you." You've got it in the bag.