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Ashton Kutcher Files Court Injunction Against Ex-Sister-In-Law To Cover Up Family Secrets

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Why Ashton Kutcher Filed Court Injunction Against His Ex-Sister-In-Law

Actor Ashton Kutcher has been in the news a lot lately. Whether it’s for payroll issues at his company or testifying in the trial of the Hollywood Ripper, things got a whole lot interesting with the release of Demi Moore’s memoir, Inside Out. In the memoir, Moore claimed that Kutcher cheated on her and the couple having threesomes led him to stray in their relationship.

Moore wrote that she “went into contortions to try to fit the mold of the woman he wanted his wife to be ... I put him first. So when he expressed his fantasy of bringing a third person into our bed, I didn’t say no. I wanted to show him how great and fun I could be. They were good people, but it was still a mistake. I was strangely flooded with shame, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this whole thing was somehow my fault.”

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A woman named Sara Leal later came out and claimed she had an affair with Kutcher while he was still married to Moore. Eight years after cheating, she resurfaced and discussed sleeping with Kutcher, saying the two ended up naked in a hot tub with another woman: 

“He just came up and kissed me. I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary. I wasn’t self-conscious about getting naked... [H]e lost his towel and I took my robe off then we had sex. He was good. It wasn’t weird or perverted.” 


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The two then talked about politics: “I told him I was a Lutheran from Texas. He said, ‘Oh my gosh! Are you a Republican?’ Then he quizzed me on up-and-coming candidates. I said Rick Perry. He asked if I’d vote for him. I said I didn’t know and he laughed. He laughed at pretty much everything I said,” she revealed. Kutcher apparently told Leal he was separating from Moore, which was false.

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Though Kutcher hasn't responded to Moore’s claims, he’s getting involved in his twin brother’s scandal with his ex-wife. 

Who is Katie Hightower? Hightower wed Kutcher’s brother, Michael Kutcher, in 2014, but the couple divorced just nine months later. The reason? Michael was allegedly having an affair with a married mother!

And now, Ashton Kutcher is attempting to silence his former sister-in-law from speaking out about the affair.

According to RadarKutcher filed a court injunction against Hightower, preventing her from ever mentioning the Kutcher brothers. Court documents state, “The parties agree Katie will not publicly disseminate images or information relating to Michael or any member of Michael’s family individually or in a manner that allows one to identify the family connection of Michael to his brother Ashton (Chris) Kutcher now or in the future.”

Michael Kutcher with his ex-wife, Katie Hightower (Photo: Getty)

At the time of their split, Hightower revealed, “After we were married, I found out some stuff that I couldn’t live with. So I filed for divorce.” Sources close to the couple also chimed in, claiming Michael was harassing the woman he had an affair with: “The woman called off the relationship, but Michael didn’t want to end it. He stalked her to the point where she was so frightened that she got a restraining order.”

It appears Ashton is trying to help his brother cover up his misdeeds. But unfortunately for him, his own infidelities are now out for the world to see.

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