Meet Sara Leal — The 22-Year-Old Ashton Kutcher Had Affair With While Married To Demi Moore

Remember her?

Who Is Sara Leal? New Details On Woman Ashton Kutcher Had Affair With While Married To Demi Moore Getty

Back in the early aughts, Demi Moore's marriage to the 15-years-younger actor Ashton Kutcher was all anyone could talk about. Demi came to embody the word "cougar" and women everywhere rejoiced to see a hot woman doing what men have done for years with zero criticism: date much younger partners. While her marriage to Kutcher didn't work out, it definitely left behind a legacy in pop culture. Who is Sara Leal? She's the woman who Ashton cheated on Demi Moore with, and in Demi's new book she's revealing everything about how learning about their tryst made her feel. 


1. Who Is Sara Leal?

While Ashton Kutcher may now be happily married to his That 70s Show former co-star Mila Kunis, his love life used to be a lot more complicated than it is now. In fact, pop culture followers probably handily remember when Kutcher was actually married to Demi Moore. The couple was married from 2005 to 2013, and they were regular features in the tabloids, largely due to the fact that Moore was 15 years Kutcher's senior. There were other factors too, one of which was Kutcher's infidelity. He famously cheated on Moore with 22-year-old administrative assistant, Sara Leal. 


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2. Sara Tells All 

While some celebs can get away with their naughty antics, back in 2011, Kutcher wasn't nearly so lucky. Sara Leal wasted no time speaking to the press about her hookup with the actor. "He just came up and kissed me," Sara revealed discussing how she found herself naked in a hot tub with Kutcher and another young woman. "I didn't think it was out of the ordinary. I wasn't self-conscious about getting naked," she said. Leal also shared that while she knew that Kutcher was married to Moore, he told both women that the couple was separated and she believed him. 

3. The Night of The Hook-Up

Sara was more than okay with sharing the details of his encounter with Kutcher. According to her, they went to his bedroom in the early hours of the morning. "[H]e lost his towel and I took my robe off then we had sex. He was good. It wasn't weird or perverted," she added, though what the hell that means exactly is pretty hard to say. Probably just that they had missionary sex and he didn't like choke her out or anything, is my best bet. For all of its normalcy, there was something pretty eyebrow-raising about their encounter. According to Leal, Kutcher didn't wear a condom. 


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4. Their Revealing Convo 

There were some things about their time together that Leal shared that weren't totally what you'd expect from a hook-up with a Hollywood heavyweight. After doing the dude, Leal says that the twosome talked about religion, astrology, love and politics. "I told him I was a Lutheran from Texas. He said, 'Oh my gosh! Are you a Republican?' Then he quizzed me on up-and-coming candidates. I said Rick Perry. He asked if I'd vote for him. I said I didn't know and he laughed. He laughed at pretty much everything I said," Leal shared. Turns out Kutcher takes his politics seriously even in the sack! 

5. Why He Did It 

Leal also revealed that after they had sex for the second time, Kutcher opened up about why their seemingly casual encounter meant so much to him. "He was like, 'I enjoy things like this because I'm an actor 90 percent of the time and it's fake. It's nice to have moments that are real,'" said Leal. What Leal didn't know was the extent to which Kutcher and Moore were struggling. The actress had suffered a painful miscarriage that really divided the couple. During this time, when they should have been turning to each other, Kutcher was looking elsewhere. 


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6. How Demi Found Out

While Kutcher and Moore are long split and they have each moved on to other relationships, this story is back in the news because Demi Moore has recently published her memoir and in it, among other things, she chronicles the rise and fall of her relationship with Kutcher. In fact, she reveals in the book that she found out that Kutcher cheated courtesy of a Google alert on her phone. As soon as she saw it she picked up the phone and called her husband. "And I think my response was, 'Are you fucking kidding me?' That was it. And I think I could barely take a breath," she said. 

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