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3 Full Moon In Aries Rituals To Do October 13th To Break The Relationship Chains That Bind You

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 Full Moon In Aries Rituals To Do This October 13th To Break The Chains That Bind You

Call out your inner warrior and prepare to shine because the Aries full moon is here, and it's not taking any prisoners. But first, we must clean our house. As in, let go of those who need to be let go of. After all, how can true love waltz into your life when all that exquisite space is being taken up by some cowardly loser?

October 13th is a power-packed day, and if you want to break free from toxic relationships (or just unsatisfying relationships), don't miss out on these full moon rituals we have in store for your zodiac sign. With that, harness the power of astrology to break free from the chains that bind you.

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1. Write an angry letter and burn it.

The energy of Aries is all about letting it rip without giving a damn. So, the first ritual of the day calls for a healthy instigation of those flames of anger you might have subdued within you.

Anger is just as important as every other emotion, and you will show it the respect it's due by writing a letter to the person who has angered you the most. Let them know exactly what you think about them and their nasty behavior.

Don't be classy. And definitely don't be proper. Because this ritual calls for all the profanities you have in your repertoire (and the ones you will come up with when you really get going).

The point is to let it all come crashing out onto the page so that once you are calm, you can look at what you have written from a rational perspective and identify the red flags you may have been ignoring for so long.

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Once you have gleaned all the information you need from this letter, burn it (in a safe way, following all the necessary fire safety precautions). And then make sure you address the issues you identified in a more healthy way, either by having a conversation with the individual or by cutting them out of your life.

You can also make a "hit list" of people who make you angry, and then check them off one angry letter after another.

2. Wear red.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and passion. So, let your passionate side come out today by wearing red. Or, if you are so inclined, paint your lips your favorite shade of red.

You could even go lipstick shopping if you still haven't found your perfect shade. And then go dancing. Where else will you unleash all that raw sensuality without it becoming a public hazard?

3. Hit the gym — hard.

Or, go dancing. Or, sign up for a boxing trial class. The point is to get your blood pumping because Aries is a hot-blooded sign and it demands some action (any kind of action!) on the day it rules the full moon.

Just be forewarned: people tend to be more hot-headed under the influence of an Aries full moon. Make sure you steer clear of situations that could suck you into unnecessary verbal disputes, fistfights, or worse.

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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.