Bella Thorne's Got A New Girlfriend — And Her Boyfriend Approves!

Well go'head with your bad self, Bella Thorne.

Who Is Alex Martini? New Details On New Girlfriend Of Bella Thorne — And Her Boyfriend Approves! Instagram

Polyamory is something that can be a beautiful thing if you believe in it. And for whatever reason, it seems to work for actress Bella Thorne, who just announced that she has both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Who is Alex Martini, Bella Thorne's new girlfriend?

Even though she started out on a Disney show, Bella Thorne has gone far, far away from her "child star" image — so much so, in fact, that many people don't even remember her earliest "child star" roles. Today, Thorne has established herself as a film actress, with roles in such films as You Get Me, The DUFF, and Assassination Nation. 


Lately, however, she's been making headlines for her relationships more than her work. A few days ago, she took to Instagram to announce, somewhat, that she's in a relationship with Alex Martini, and that her boyfriend approves of the relationship.

So let's look at what we know about this latest bombshell announcement!


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1. This isn't Bella Thorne's first polyamorous relationship. 

According to Us Weekly, Bella Thorne was previously in an open, bisexual, polyamorous relationship with YouTube star Tana Mongeau and musician Mod Sun. Thorne was with Mongeau for more than a year, but they announced that they'd broken up suddenly and unexpectedly. However, their split was amicable, and Mongeau says that she "still loves Bella Thorne" to this day. 

2. Ben Mascolo, Bella Thorne's boyfriend, approves of the relationship. reports that Bella Thorne's boyfriend, Ben Mascolo, approves of the relationship between Thorne and Martini. The outlet reports that Mascolo, who has been with Thorne for a little more than a year, is okay with Thorne's new boo. The Italian pop star is, like Thorne and Martini, in the entertainment industry, so perhaps the rules are a little more flexible than in "normal" relationships.

3. Alex Martini is a production assistant, and says that she's "camera-shy."

"The tattooed beauty has worked as a set production assistant on movies and TV shows like GLOW, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Grease Live! In addition to her work, Alex is also seriously into body ink," reported In Touch Weekly, who added that it's possible that the duo met on a set that Martini worked on as a production assistant. It's unclear, however, what set that might have been.


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4. They were recently spotted together. 

According to Celebrity Insider, Bella Thorne and Alex Martini were walking hand-in-hand in the Toronto Airport, prompting more than a few looks from passers-by. It's unclear where they were going, or what they were doing, but it's safe to say that they were happy together. The outlet also said that Bella, Alex, and Ben are a "throuple," a portmanteau between "three" and "couple." 


5. Alex Martini seems like a "regular girl." 

According to her Instagram page, Alex Martini is just as "regular" as one can be while still working in the industry. Her Instagram shows things like her cat, in which she proudly says that she's a "cat mom," and her tattoos, of which she has 12 as of this writing. Furthermore, her Instagram also shows off her family, including her little sister, Kylan, who is 11 years old. (Also, check out her avatar, which features her with a cartoon cat.) 

6. It's unclear how long Alex Martini and Bella Thorne have been together. 

"Bella and Tana have had an on-again, off-again friendship since their split in Feb. and Bella started dating Benjamin around Apr. just after her split from Mod Sun. Although Bella has never confirmed how long she’s been dating Alex, she started commenting on her social media posts in Sept. so their romance seems to be fairly recent," reports Hollywood Life, who apparently went through all of Bella's comments just to bring us this bit of news.

Regardless, congratulations are in order for the happy...throuple!


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