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Meet Myah Autry — The 'Crazy Cat Lady' Who Literally Climbed Into A Lion's Den At The Bronx Zoo

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Who Is Myah Autry? Details On 'Crazy Cat Lady' Who Climbed Into The Lion's Den At The Bronx Zoo

Just when I thought my faith was restored in humanity; I realized I thought wrong.

The trend with eating tide pods was pretty bad but when I found out about a woman hopping over walled exhibits at the Bronx Zoo to be near the animals, I was speechless.

Myah Autry took a birthday weekend trip to the Bronx Zoo where she had her husband film several videos of her interacting with and taunting various animals in their dens. Autry can be seen waving and shouting at the animals to get their attention and to seemingly prove a point to her audience that animals and humans are no different from one another (cue eye roll), so she saw no harm in her actions.

Bystanders can be heard asking the videographer what she’s doing and if she could come out only to be hit with the husband’s response of “She won’t listen to me. There’s nothing I can do.”

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Autry has yet to be arrested and has posted a bunch of interesting posts on her Instagram page begging the question of her mental state.

Who Is Myah Autry?

1. There was a 20-foot trench between her and the lion, making an attack impossible

It was discovered that the angle of the video created a deceptive illusion, hiding a 20 foot wide and 20-foot deep trench separating the woman from the lion, making the two appear much closer than they really are.

Myah climbed over the safety barrier, but the zoo said that a concrete trench and moat separated the woman and the lion. However, it was also noted that this woman’s taunting could have potentially caused the woman and/or lion to fall down the trench, causing injuries and maybe even death, according to Too Fab.

2. She climbed into the giraffe exhibit too

Myah didn’t just stop with her trip to the lion's den; she also made a trip to the giraffe exhibit and shared yet another recording of her display with the animals.

It is unclear if this exhibit also had a trench divider, but from the video, it sure doesn't look like it.

3. People are outraged

The Bronx Zoo has acknowledged the issue on Twitter by sharing statements acknowledging the incident but others have shared their own opinions on the matter by commenting on Autry's Instagram videos.

The main point people are addressing is the fact that if one of the animals attacked, it would have endangered the animal’s life.

Instagram commenters shared:

“That poor lion could have been killed if it crossed that moat and attacked you. I guess your silly bopping about didn’t entice him. Grow up get help.”

“You did not enter his “home” you entered his sidewalk... if you were on the other side of the DEEP moat, it'd be a different story I promise you that. Bravery isn’t staring a lion in the eye from 100 or so feet away... bravery is respecting boundaries and you did not...”

“No, you didn’t enter his home. You entered a barricade that protects people. As you can clearly see there’s a moat between the two areas. Why do you think that is? Also, if you truly knew anything about animals you would see the look in his eyes is called focus. He is focused on you for one reason. You would be lunch if he could have figured out a way over. I give the Lion credit. He was at least smart enough to know he isn’t supposed to cross the barriers.”

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4. She posed in a photo with Bronx police after trespassing

The same day this woman crossed zoo exhibit barriers, she posed for a photo with Bronx police. It is amazing how much audacity this woman had to not only pose with police after illegal activity but to even flaunt these episodes on social media for everyone to see.

It is unclear if this woman suffers from mental illness, but her Instagram appears as if she is putting on a show and making a joke of committing a crime and simply walking away.

5. The Bronx Zoo filed a criminal trespassing report

The zoo released a statement saying, “This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death. Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff and animals safe. We have a zero-tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers.”

6. An arrest has not yet been made

Autry continues to post on social media and appears to be in New York City from her recent posts.

“The Bronx Zoo has filed criminal trespass complaint, but as of Wednesday morning, there have yet to be any arrests by NYPD involving the lion incident,” according to Brobible.

According to WSLS, the New York Police Department tweeted Thursday night requesting that anyone with information on Autry should call 1-800-577-TIPS.

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