21-Year-Old College Student Jordan Lindsey Killed By Three Sharks While Snorkeling In Bahamas

Rest in peace.

21-Year-Old College Student Jordan Lindsey Killed By Three Sharks While Snorkeling In Bahamas getty

She was on vacation in the Bahamas with her family when she was unexpectedly killed by a shark attack. Yet, there's some suggestion that her tragic death could have been prevented. Who is Jordan Lindsey? 

Here’s what we know about this unfortunate tragedy.


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1. She was attacked by three sharks.

According to RadarOnline, Jordan Lindsey was swimming near Rose Island, in the Bahamas, when she was set upon by three sharks. And it was there that things took a turn for the worst.

“Her parents saw the sharks coming from afar and desperately tried to warn her but she heard them too late. The sharks tore off her right arm and bit her left arm, legs and buttocks. According to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the 21-year-old was taken to shore and rushed to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead,” they wrote.


Jordan Lindsey was killed by three tiger sharks.

2. Jordan Lindsey was a student at Loyola University.

According to BBC Online, Jordan Lindsey was a student at Loyola University, and the faculty and staff were horrified about the news of her tragic death.


“She was studying communications at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. A statement from the university says they were "saddened" to hear the news about Jordan, adding she was "a devoted animal lover and climate change advocate,” they wrote, adding that even the neighbors and family friends were “stunned” and “heartbroken” about this turn of events for the Lindsey family.

Jordan Lindsey was a devoted animal lover and climate change activist.


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3. Authorities are looking into the circumstances surrounding Jordan’s death.

According to NBC News, even though we all know what caused her death (that is, a shark attack), the Royal Bahamas Police Force is further investigating what, exactly, brought the attack about. They’ve also issued a warning to all tourists about the potential for a shark attack.

“Police officials said they would investigate the circumstances of the deadly attack. A precautionary advisory had been issued to the public by the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, according to the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism and Aviation,” they wrote.

Jordan Lindsey was on vacation with her family when she was attacked by three sharks.


4. Jordan Lindsey’s family has set up a GoFundMe account to pay for the funeral, and to raise money for an animal sanctuary.

Since Jordan Lindsey was such an animal rights advocate, the family has decided to honor her memory in the best way they know how.

According to People Magazine, “the family set up the fundraiser to cover the costs of having Jordan’s body transported to California, according to the campaign. They said that part of the funds will be given to The Gentle Barn, an animal protection organization in Los Angeles County.” As of this writing, the Lindsey family had already raised more than $50,000, which was well over the family’s initial goal of $25,000.

Our thoughts are with Jordan Lindsey’s family during this difficult time.

Jordan Lindsey's family set up a GoFundMe in her honor.


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