John Schneider Marries Longtime Girlfriend Alicia Allain — All The Deets On Their Wedding

His long and acrimonious divorce is finally behind him.

Who Is Alicia Allain? New Details On John Schneider's New Wife And Their Romantic Wedding Instagram

John Schneider has been positively mired in an ugly divorce battle since 2014. He and his ex, Elvira Castle, could not come to an agreement on anything. Schneider spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get divorced. In fact, he spent so much money that he did time in jail for not paying alimony to his ex. (We'll get into that a bit later.) So when things finally wrapped up, what did he do? He and his longtime girlfriend Alicia Allain headed to the courthouse to make their union legal. We're thrilled Schneider has found happiness after his ugly divorce. So, naturally, we all want to know who the woman who's making him smile is. Who is Alicia Allain? New details on John Schneider's wife.


1. She's in the entertainment industry

Alicia Allain, 50, is a producer who works closely with John. She produced his latest projects, One Month Out and Tres Leches, which Schneider wrote, directed and stars in. Both films are in post production. Allain also has a handful of acting credits from the early 1990s on her resume. She starred in Caged Fear and Leather Jackets in 1991 and Almost Hollywood in 1994, according to her IMDB profile. 


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2. She's been married before

Allain was married to producer Patrick Dollard from 1994 to 1999. They have one child together. An old wedding announcement in Variety stated that at the time of their wedding, Alain was 25 and an indie production manager. Dollard was an agent in the motion picture literary department at William Morris where he represented Steven Soderbergh. It is not known why they divorced, these things do happen, after all, but an old Vanity Fair profile of Dollard reports he was fired from William Morris in the mid-90s for missing work too often. He had a drug and alcohol problem at the time. 



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3. She married Schneider "before God" and before his divorce was final

Over the summer, Schneider and Allain married in a ceremony at his Louisiana property. His divorce was not yet final. At the time, Schneider told People, "Happy is too small of a word." He also said that he considered them married "before God." So, as soon as his divorce was final, the lovebirds headed to the courthouse to make it officially official. Schneider told The Tennesseean: “Alicia Allain is my girlfriend, my smile, my task master and my partner in everything we do."


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4. They met in 2014 

Schneider and Allain met in 2014, just before he and Elvira Castle filed for divorce. Allain was just coming off a long break from Hollywood and wanted to get back to her indie filmmaking roots. She called up Schneider and offered to buy him dinner to discuss it. The two met for dinner in Atlanta. The romance between them started several months later, once John was separated. They had a romantic date at a pizza restaurant in New Orleans on Valentine's Day 2015. Now that's their yearly Valentine's Day tradition. 



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5. She's his partner in all ways

Allain is not just Schneider's life partner, she's also his partner in John Schneider Studios. As mentioned, she producers the films he writes and directs. But that's not all she does. She brokered the deal for his Nashville condo. She books his Bo Duke appearance. She does it all. The duo has been inseparable since they met and have made seven movies together. They also write songs. They believe in each other and the work they do and think it is just a matter of time before they hit it big. 


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6. Why did John go to jail?

In July 2018, Schneider was arrested and booked into L.A. County Jail. He was sentenced to three days in jail for not paying more than $150,000 in alimony to his ex-wife Elvira. She filed for divorce in November 2014 after 21 years of marriage. In the fall of 2016, he was ordered to pay Elvira $18,911 in alimony monthly. Schneider claimed to be broke due to both the ongoing divorce and a flood at his Louisiana property. 

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