Meet Grey's Anatomy Star Camilla Luddington's Husband & Baby Daddy, Matthew Alan

The couple have been married less than 2 years, but started dating in 2008.

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Everyone who watches "Grey's Anatomy" knows the actress Camilla Luddington, who plays Dr. Jo Wilson, Alex Karev's wife. But what we didn't know is that she's married to Matthew Alan in real life.

In August 2019, Luddington said "I do" to Matthew Alan, who is known for his roles in "13 Reasons Why" and "Castle Rock." Alan even appeared as David Fisher in season 13 of "Grey's Anatomy." 

But what do we really know about the 42-year-old actor?


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Who is Camilla Luddington's husband, Matthew Alan?

Matthew Alan is an actor and producer from Evansville, IN. After graduating in 1996 from Reitz High School, he attended Western Kentucky University.

Born Matthew Gerbig, he changed his name to Matthew Alan when his acting career took off. He used his birth name for roles in a Bud Light commercial, and the movies "Charlie's War" and "Bell Witch Haunting."

What television and movies has Matthew Alan starred in?

Alan got his first big break in 2007 when he appeared in seven episodes of "Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side." From there, he booked a few single-episode roles on weekly television shows. He appeared alongside Stevie Wonder in a 2013 Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light.


Alan played Seth Massey in the popular Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why," and starred in season two of "Castle Rock," a show set in a Stephen King multiverse. He has also appeared in "Lost," "Sons of Anarchy," "Murder in the First," "Snowfall," "Lovecraft Country," "Veronica Mars," "The Mentalist," "Red Tails," "Trust Fund," "Hidden in the Woods," and "Walking the Halls." 

Yes, that *was* Matthew Alan in that weird Folgers commercial.

Alan appeared in a Christmas Folgers coffee commercial, which became a Christmas season go-to commercial for the company for a few years.

In the commercial, a young man returns to his family home at Christmas. His sister greets him at the door. Together they drink coffee and he gives her a Christmas present. She doesn't open it, but instead removes the bow, and puts it on his chest, proclaiming that he was the only present she wanted.

The execution of this commercial made it seem like the siblings were falling in love. The commercial was mocked and spoofed by comedians Daniel Tosh and Chelsea Handler.


But in an interview, Alan said, "I think the intention obviously is on the sweet side, but the fact that it has such a following on the other side is also, in a weird way, kind of cool."

Alan's roles have changed as he's gotten older.

As a young man, Alan was getting more all-American nice guy acting roles. As he aged, his roles switched to darker more tortured parts. But he seems to enjoy the change and considers it a good challenge.

In an interview, Alan revealed, “It’s funny because when I started out, especially around the time of Folgers, I would get a lot of brother roles and nice guy and friends. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve kind of gotten more serious into acting now. I’ll play a lot of darker roles, more recently.” 

How tall is Matthew Alan?

Matthew Alan is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is just above the average height for men worldwide. But he's not too much taller than his wife, who stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Does Matthew Alan have social media?

While Luddington has an Instagram and posts occasionally about herself, her kids and her husband, Alan doesn't have an account. Along with Instagram, Alan doesn't have a Twitter account, either!

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How did Matthew Alan meet his wife, Camilla Luddington?

Alan and Luddington started dating in 2008, long before Alan's acting career took off. They met while working together at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

For their first date, they attended a Temper Trap concert. And because of this, Luddington walked down the aisle, 11 years later, to "Sweet Disposition," a song by the same band! How sweet is that?


When did Alan and Luddington get married?

The couple became engaged on New Year's Eve 2017. In early January 2018, Luddington took to Instagram to announce the good news. She posted a picture of her daughter holding the diamond of her ring with two fingers.

"Sooo this happened on New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure I even let Matt get through his proposal before I started yelling YES YES YES!! Of course, it was a yes!" the caption read. She sweetly added, "Also... Hayden approves.. ;)"

On August 17, 2019, the couple walked down the aisle and exchanged vows.


The couple's wedding planner, Karen Waldron, said, "The couple wanted romantic elegance with lots of natural elements, set against crisp white walls mixed with wood tables, hanging rattan light fixtures, an abundance of white and green floral, that kept it beautifully classic and fresh."

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Do Matthew Alan and Camilla Luddington have children?

In 2016, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. In the spring of 2017, they revealed that Luddington had given birth to a daughter, Hayden.


Luddington took to Instagram to post a picture of the young family, captioning it, "Have a new great love in our lives... our sweet baby girl... Hayden.” Hayden is now 4 years old.

In August 2020, Luddington gave birth to their second child, a son, named Lucas Matthew Alan.

Luddington was pregnant during the pandemic, and revealed in an interview what it was like to give birth during COVID-19, saying that her pregnancy was very different. 


“I absolutely had more daily anxiety. Not only did I have concerns over contracting COVID and what that could potentially mean for my pregnancy. I was also worried about things like my husband not being able to be present with me during the birth,” she admitted.

Alan was not allowed to be at any of the ultrasounds but, fortunately, he was able to be there for the birth. She didn't even realize that she would have to wear a mask while giving birth.

“It just wasn’t something I had thought about, and when I found out I would have to, I cried,” she revealed. “I completely understood the importance of wearing one; I just dreaded it. Labor is so physically exhausting I couldn’t imagine adding a mask.”

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