The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Tree?

It can be anyone inside the costume!

The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Tree? Instagram

With season two of The Masked Singer airing, many of us are already enamored with the new, even more elaborate costumes and challenging clues presented. The viral phenomenon turned hit Fox television show that won our hearts, and luckily for you, we have the scoop on all the contestants (read: spoilers), including the potential celeb posing as The Tree.

Specifically, we have the Masked Singer spoilers: Who is the Tree?


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The show’s premise is simple, yet creative and provocative in pushing boundaries. Last season, we saw an eclectic group of celebrity contestants, disguised as fascinating creatures, compete with one another and at the finale, acclaimed rapper T-Pain reigned victorious.


We grew to love the iconic panel of judges (thankfully for us, they’re here to stay) that have a penchant for keeping us engaged; and we became increasingly surprised with each identity reveal.

Now, the showrunners have vowed to rev it up several notches; and believe me, they have lived up to their promise. Take it from judge Jenny McCarthy, who, in regards to the new crop of talent this season, stated, "The contestants know the show now. They come into this saying, 'I'm going to one-up this. I'm going to trick the judges.' And they get into their character so much, you can't possibly figure out who it is because they've taken control."

Now in week 7, we've had time to concoct our own theories and predictions. Who is The Tree? If you're living under a rock, keep reading for all the details.

1. The Clues

Coming all the way from their own tinseltown, The Tree is ready to “light up on stage and leave the other singers in my shade” and “give the gift of joy through all of my delicious performances.” Similar to The Leopard, The Tree also comments on the show’s rigid security, adding that they “make me feel like precious cargo” that require even visiting friends and family on set to wear disguises.


The Tree then makes a resounding declaration that we aren’t going to “tree-lieve” it when we discover who’s behind the costume. Talk about an exciting introduction (also, what an egg-celent pun)!

On the first episode, the Tree revealed some juicy hints, including: she loves getting dolled up, she wishes the world wouldn’t ignore her for more than just what she’s known for, she’s an expert in delicious treats, and she wants to jazz up her career.

2. Judges’ Guesses

On night one, The Tree belted out “High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco against Ice Cream, earning the judges’ stamp of approval and love. Based on the clues, the judges agreed that the celeb masking as The Tree could be Rachael Ray, Beverly D’Angelo, Zooey Deschanel, or Wendi Mclendon-Covey.

Fans, however, think otherwise, guessing The Tree could be Ayesha Curry, Jane Krakowski, or Mariah Carey. Which group do you think is correct?


3. Other Guesses

Right now, all we know is The Tree comes from a large family that visits the set often. The Tree also describes their performances as “delicious,” leading many to believe the celebrity behind the costume is a well-known chef, or someone known for their cooking at the very least.

For this reason, the initial speculations are diverse, including Rachel Ray, Paula Abdul, Martha Stewart, Teresa Guidice and even Michelle Pfeiffer, the most peculiar pick of the bunch. We’ll get into why that is later on.

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4. Best Guesses

Believe it or not, the best guess seems to be Michelle Pfeiffer. I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense at first; but trust me, the theory is sound and valid.


Firstly, Michelle Pfeiffer’s costume in Grease 2 for the performance of “Girl For All Seasons,” is, you guessed it, an ornate tinseled Christmas Tree. Grease 2 is set in the 1950s, which we know inspired The Tree’s look based on the teaser.

Plus, the “delicious” comment seems to be an easy red herring — do you really think the showrunners would divulge the answer so quickly and stupidly? No, they wouldn’t. All in all, The Tree can be anyone at this point, and with this character, we’ll be left speculating for a long, long time. 

5. Twitter Guesses

Guesses on Twitter have ranged from SNL alum Ana Gasteyer to Kelly Clarkson to Martha Stewart.


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