The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Ladybug?

They are quite a glamorous insect.

The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Ladybug? Instagram

The Masked Singer is back for season 2! Fans are already hyped for the hit reality show on Fox. This year, there are 16 celebrities, including athletes, actors, singers, and rappers, all competing in a singing competition while wearing extravagant costumes to hide their identities.

Nick Cannon is back to host the popular show and he revealed that the 16 contestants have a combined total of: "140 films, 22 gold records, 20 platinum records, six multi-platinum records, 31 Billboard No. 1 singles, 19 Emmy wins, 10 GRAMMY wins, seven Super Bowl appearances, five Hall of Famers, 15 marriages, and eight divorces."


Wow! That covers, well, pretty much everything we need to deliver the Masked Singer spoilers. So, who is the Ladybug?

The Ladybug caught people's attention with her elaborate red ball gown. During the Emmy Awards, judge Jenny McCarthy commented that the Ladybug was much tinier than she thought and predicted that the Ladybug would be a fan favorite. But just last week, the Ladybug's identity was revealed!


1. The Clues

The Ladybug was just revealed and the internet seems to have no clue as to what hints have been dropped about the identity of the latest insect to join the Masked Singer. So, I guess we're going to have to use the costume itself as our main clue.

On the first episode, Ladybug gave lots of hints about family feuds, family drama and being born in the spotlight. Ladybug also gave clues about games shows, Halloween, the Golden Gate bridge and had a southern accent.

2. Judges' Guesses

The clues about being born into the spotlight led Robin Thicke to guess that the Ladybug was Lily Collins, while Jenny McCarthy thought it was Willow Smith. Ken Jeong guessed Lindsay Lohan, but the Ladybug admitted that was not who she is.

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3. Other Guesses

Well, there are a few theories here. Mostly people think there's both a reason the Ladybug was introduced last in that the person inside the costume may be the most famous contestant of them all. Another theory is that because the Ladybug was introduced at the Emmys, that the person inside must be an Emmy winner.

The official Instagram account of The Masked Singer replied to a comment proposing that idea with a thinking face emoji. That is a no-brainer though as in the stats of this season's contestants it has been noted that there are a total of 19 Emmy Awards in the group of 16 contestants. 

Another popular, but pretty outlandish theory was that the Ladybug is Lady Gaga. This seems to be based on Lady being in the name, the stature of the costume, and the fact that the Ladybug was introduced last.

For one thing, Lady Gaga isn't an Emmy winner. She's been nominated three times, but she has never one. For another thing, the woman just won an Oscar, we doubt being on a reality show is high on her list of things to do. That said, it would be awesome if she did. 



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4. Best Guesses

The best guess I had was that the Ladybug was Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow. One, she can sing. Two, she has a Ladybug tattoo. Without a lot of clues to go on, this seems like the best guess out there right now.

5. Twitter Guesses

Twitter guesses have ranged from Noah Cyrus to Keke Palmer to Jamie Lynn Spears. But the true identity of the Ladybug is...


...none other than Kelly Osbourne!


Who knew?!

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